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Published on April 5th, 2013 | by VerticalResponse


3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

3 ways to grow your email list The lifeblood of an email marketing campaign is your list. If your subscription numbers are a dwindling casualty of spring cleaning, or you’re just looking to keep growing, it never hurts to remember some of the basic principles for growing your email marketing list.

Erica Bell of recently wrote about three common tactics for increasing your email list.

Bell’s suggestions include:

1. Optimize your website for email opt-ins

Bell writes, “Your website needs to be optimized for driving customers to take action, though this is a no brainer. Have email registration forms on every main page and those of popular products or services. Use your blog, guides and other content marketing-driven pages to encourage visitors on your website to opt-in to your business’s email messages.”

2. Engage with social media

Segment your social media contacts to maximize email opt-ins. Bell suggests, “Use social media to reach new audiences. Stay up to date with trending topics and what your readers seem to value the most in your social media messages. Social media is a great way to encourage people to visit one of the outlets where they can sign-up to receive emails from your business.”

3. Collect info in person

Nothing beats an in-person contact for getting email addresses. Bell advises, “Whether you’re at a trade show or run a brick and mortar store, you should be using in-person interactions to collect email addresses. Don’t be afraid to offer up promotional items from your business or give live-demos of your software.”

These are three time-tested, solid ways to grow your email marketing list. What tactics do you use to capture more email addresses for your biz?

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