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Published on January 5th, 2010 | by Janine Popick


Revamp Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 5 Easy Steps

MagnifyWe all want to get the most out of our email marketing campaigns each time we send them out. But many of us get into a rut where we simply take the last email campaign we did, copy it, and put in a few new pictures and some new copy. Is it a time-saver? You bet, but what if doing some simple tweaks to your campaign could get you some new clickers?

First thing first, you’ll want to sit down with your email campaign and get 10 friends, customers or acquaintances to take a look at your campaign. Ask them these questions:

1. Based on the subject line, would you open this email?

This is a biggie. You’ll want to make sure that your subject line grabs their attention. If you’re not getting them here, the rest of your email is lost.

2. When you open the email, what is the first thing that jumps out at you?

If you’ve got a newsletter with a lot of content, you’ll want to put your most important information “above the fold” meaning above the area where they need to start scrolling. If you have 5 or more “articles” one trick is to have “anchor tags” at the top of the email so they can get to that specific content quickly. If you’re trying to sell a specific product or a group of products, you’ll want to get it in front of your readers as quick as possible and if you can, pictures work. You might find that an email with a column works better than one without. It’s a simple change and could get more of your important information above the fold.

3. Where do you want to click first and why?

Listen to your readers. They may want to click on something you don’t even have linked! You might also look at including multiple links to the same product or page because every recipient is different and the way they read their emails and make their decisions will not be the same. For instance, you might find that you usually have a “click to buy” link after the product description but you might not be linking the product name or even the image. These two simple changes might make a world of difference in getting you a better response.

4. Is the email easy to read?

You might love the copy you write, but you also might find that your paragraphs could be too long and you’re not using reader friendly bullets. You also might find that your color palette might not be favorable to your readers. For instance if you have lightly colored words against a dark background it might be more difficult for your recipients to read than if it were reversed.

5. What do the images convey?

You might have too many images or too few. Listen to your recipients they might be confused as to why you are using specific images. Make a change and do some small testing to see if you can get some more clicks out of your readers.

Use your small focus groups often to see if what you think works in your email campaigns really works for your readers.

Here are a few things that I think non-profits can benefit from when using the free social media tools that are available to them.

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