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Book for Blogging – Naked Conversations

NakedI just read a book our web producer gave me called Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. He said it was a great book to read especially since I blog. Here’s my quick take on the book.

The good stuff?

Great for beginners or before beginners. If you’re wondering what your business will get out of a blog or you’re not sure what to say or where to begin, this book gives you a ton of reasons through case studies and a bit of history. I like the way they refer to blogging as 2-way marketing, I like the tips on "Doing it Right". Priceless, wish I had this before my trial period.

I’ve gone to the Business Blog Summit and a lot of what I got at the conference is in the book. (It’s a great conference by the way.) The book talks a lot about the good and the bad stories about business blogging. These guys are into it, they know it, very passionate about blogging and the effects it has on businesses both large and small.

My only knocks?

They go a bit overboard slamming PR, email marketing, TV and other forms of advertising in lieu of blogging. And it’s not just because I run an email and direct mail marketing company. They pretty much disagree with the Diva Marketing blogger Toby Bloomberg. She believes blogging is a form of marketing or belongs in a marketing department. I strongly agree with Toby. It has to be a part of an overall marketing strategy. Here at VR we cross-promote our own marketing activities:

  • We hire a great PR agency to pitch our story, and they constantly send the media to the blog. It’s actually a great tool for them to use when they pitch our story.
  • Previously we would include our entire newsletter in a bi-weekly email. Now we’ve replaced it with a snippet from the blog and send people directly to the blog. How do get people to it?  EMAIL.

This is definitely worth the read if you’re in your infancy of deciding on what, why, when and how to do a blog. Just know that a blog can’t replace all of your marketing. And it brought back a few good ideas for me to think about when I write.

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One Response to Book for Blogging – Naked Conversations

  1. Toby says:

    Janine – thanks for the shout out and your kind words.
    Bottom-line .. without a strategic approach and integration into your overall marketing plan a blog is a “me too play toy.” Which is fine if all you want is to be cool at cocktail parties. Not so terrific if your goal is to grow a brand or a business.
    Incorporating blogger relations in your PR strategy can be an effective way to promote (and I’m sure you know that interacting with bloggers means using the ‘very best’ PR communication tactis with not a media release in sight.) Here are a couple of broad tactics: Use your posts as a viral marketing tool. Send clients or prospects a link to a specific post that is relevant to them. Print posts and use as leave behinds at speaking engagements or trade shows.

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