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Published on April 29th, 2014 | by Jennifer Sherwood


Free Non-Profit Program Now Available in the New VerticalResponse

At VerticalResponse, we’re committed to helping non-profit organizations with their important work. We know every dollar counts, so we’re happy to launch our non-profit program (available since 2008 in VR Classic) in the new VerticalResponse. Any qualifying 501(c)(3) organization can email up to 10,000 people per month for free, or receive a 15% discount off one of our monthly subscription plans.

The new VerticalResponse has an easy drag-and-drop email template editor, mobile-friendly email templates, and integrated social media features, making it easy to stay top-of-mind with your donors, volunteers and those connected with your organization.

To be included, check out our non-profit program today.

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Jennifer Sherwood

is the Director of Product Marketing at VerticalResponse.

8 Responses to Free Non-Profit Program Now Available in the New VerticalResponse

  1. Jill Bastian Jill Bastian says:

    Hi Manuel,

    We are working on the plan for moving customers from VR Classic to the New VR, but I have no real details as of yet. We have a couple of features yet to add to the system and then we’ll starting the moving process. Right now we’ll probably start sometime in Q1 next year, but we’ll let you know when everything is ready to go.

    Jill Bastian

  2. Hi,
    Do you have a schedule for when you will set up a way for transferring NPO details from the classic VR to the new VR? We are very keen to use the new features you are promoting but don’t want to set up a new account as we’d prefer not to split our history of analytics over 2 accounts.


  3. Jill Bastian Jill Bastian says:

    Hi Peter,

    We are working on a new Saleforce integration right now! It should be ready to go in a few months, look for an announcement in late March, or there abouts.

    Jill Bastian

  4. Peter Herzog says:

    When will the new VR integrate with Thanks for offering such value to non-profits! We love VerticalResponse!

  5. Colleen Corkery says:

    Hi Zea!

    The newest version of VerticalResponse will eventually have more features than the classic version, such as automated welcome emails, and it can integrate with more third-party partners. New features are being released on a regular basis. All of the templates in the new VR are also responsive. You can go ahead check it out if you’d like! Similar to classic, we offer 10,000 free credits for non-profits and the product is also free anyone or business sending to fewer than 4,000 contacts. To sign up, you do have to use a different email address other than the one use for Classic. Here’s more info for non-profits:, and you can sign up here:

  6. Zea Morvitz says:

    We are an nonprofit currently using VR Classic — what are the advantages of moving to the new Vertical Response?

  7. Jill Bastian Jill Bastian says:


    We haven’t invited people using VR Classic over to the new version yet, but you can still use it. We haven’t set up a way to transfer the NPO info from Classic to VR accounts yet. I’d suggest for right now, the quickest way to get that info updated to your new account is to fill in the form here:

    Jill Bastian

  8. Admin says:


    If we are currently registered as a non-profit in the classic VR, how do we update our services to the new VerticalResponse?

    Thank you!

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