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Published on May 6th, 2008 | by Janine Popick


Great Member Appreciation Idea

I’ve been talking a bit lately about how important it is to go the extra mile for your customers especially in this economy. A great example came in the mail the other day from my gym.
They love people like me because I don’t go;-) It’s a really great gym with a grill and a spa (which actually I DO go to).

It was a simple piece that looked invitation-like offering us to come in during “Member Appreciation Week” on nice paper folded
with a “Member Appreciation Card” tucked inside.

The card had discounts for:

  • Private training
  • Group exercise one-on-ones
  • Complimentary Kinesis® session
  • 10% off of any 80 minute spa treatment
  • Dinner entrée at the Grill with purchase of entrée of equal or greater value

Nice! Great idea to appreciate your members get them active and give and great offers too. What are you doing to go the extra mile for your customers? Let’s hear it!

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8 Responses to Great Member Appreciation Idea

  1. These ideas are amazing! Thanks to all who commented. It’s expensive to get customers these days, it doesn’t cost a lot to go the extra mile and keep customers happy.
    Great idea K. Lewis, can you share what supplies you use to print your cards?
    Leslie – What about upon a customer’s one year anniversary, you give them a month of another service for free. This way they can test out another one of your products but also perceive a value?
    Thanks again everyone!

  2. _j@COREpage says:

    Now I only wish my gym showed me such “member appreciation”
    Also thanks to k.lewis for the great card idea!
    community manager
    CorePage | Know more. Sell faster.

  3. David Winch says:

    I agree totally with Jorge Pinkus.
    And guarantee your personal, value-added service, not your product or professional service. (The product quality is probably guaranteed by some ‘Consumer Protection’ or ‘Sale of Goods’ legislation anyway!)
    Your personal service is unique to you so no competitor can match your guarantee!

  4. K. Lewis says:

    I am the owner of a small 4 table fine dining, reservation only, restaurant in an out-of-the way area. You might say a “destination place”. The day we opened, we started a mailing list to include birthdays and anniversaries. When the customer is initially entered into the computer, I create a list of the new entries and send them a “We appreciated your business” thank you note. Included in this note is a personal business card and also a gift certificate. These cards are the plastic credit card type and are all custom made by me. (We purchased the machine and supplies to do this.) I also include another lesser value dining card to share with another couple or two upon their next visit. We are in our 13th year now and have never advertised, just word of mouth from our customers. We rely heavily on the concept of giving the discounts to our regular customers with an incentive to bring new ones with them. It has worked well for us and they appreciate the special personal attention that only my husband and I can give them in our tiny restaurant.

  5. Leslie Eyton says:

    We are an IT products and services provider for SMBs. We’d love to do something like this, but I’m not sure how to tie it back in with what we offer without seeming cheesey. Suggestions?

  6. Jorge Pinkus says:

    I always say and teach that if you have the top-of-the-line product or service, somebody else very soon will have something better.
    If you offer the lowest price, somebody else will have even a lower one.
    So you cannot compete on product or price alone.
    The great differentiator, always, will be personal and value-added service.
    Very few organizations and salespersons apply this, although a lot of them *know* it.
    Customer appreciation items and ideas? I’m all for it!
    Your Maximum Success Coach,
    Jorge Pinkus

  7. Dave Nelson says:

    Yeah, Customer appreciation is such a good way to give current customers a taste of the more expensive services while making them feel like they are really cared about! Many times the gift can be free to provide but have a significant perceived value.

  8. Alex says:

    I recently received a 25% off coupon from my laundry service as a “Top 50″ customer –just in case I thoughts of dragging it down to the laundromat.

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