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Published on November 15th, 2006 | by Janine Popick


Holiday Retail Webinar Slides and Q&A Recap

Verticalresponseuniversity_1We just had a great Holiday Retail Webinar. For those of you who aren’t aware we’ve launched on-demand classes and live webinars. Thanks for all who attended. The actual webinar will be posted in the "Resources" section of the VerticalResponse website as soon as we encode it. The powerpoint in PDF format is available now. Warning: It’s 13 MBs, so sit back and grab yourself a cup-a-joe.

We got to a number of questions which you can listen to at the end of the webinar but a few questions went unanswered. Here they are:Question: Is there an easy way to see which recipients have opened or clicked on my product links so I can do follow ups as the shipping deadlines approach?

Answer: Yes there is an easy way. Simply go to the Reporting section of your Control Center, click on your campaign name. There will be a tab that says Download. Simply download your list of clickers and openers, then re-upload them and do a follow-up campaign.

Question: Can I download a file to see responses from a user of many campaigns?

Answer: Not yet, but stay tuned to Q1 – Q2, we’re going to have some super new features to talk about.

Question: What is the proper % of text vs HTML in a typical campaign?

Answer: I’m assuming you want to know how much of your list automatically gets text versus HTML? Most of your list is getting the HTML version. You can usually tell by the clicks on your links in your reporting. To give you an example, in a last email that we did here at VR, out of 1586 clicks, 38 of them were text-only.

Question: What is the minimum preview pane size to design for? What is the minimum preview pane size to design for?



Answer: Alf to the rescue! There is really no rule of thumb answer for this, it depends on many factors. The size/resolution of your recipients monitor, how they prefer to set it up horizontal/vertical, whether their window is maximized or not. We’ve designed our newsletter to take advantage of 100% width, this way it resizes to the width of their preview pane. Also, keeping the most pertinent content near the top, helps them recognize you and entices them to maximize the window to view the entire email.

Click on the thumbnails to the right for a larger view.

If you’ve got any questions about the webinar that haven’t been answered, feel free to comment on it and if we can’t answer it here internally, perhaps another VR user can.

If you want me to post all of the questions and answers let me know that as well.

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  1. M. Reeder says:

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  2. Hello Ladies and Gents – I’m trying to build several smaller email lists for my SEO business VR is a snap but I need to add labels too?
    There must be a solution I’m missing here ;)

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