8 comments on “New Sign up Forms in VerticalResponse are Here!

    • Hi Peter,

      To create a new sign up form you have to link it to a list. The system won’t let you move beyond the set up page unless you either select a list or create a new one. If you click on the name of a list on the Contacts you should see a tab that says Sign Up Forms, click that to see what forms feed into that list.

  1. This feature – is that only available in VR2 – and not in the original, VR classic version? I can find it under my test profile (VR2), but on in the classic profile we’re using at work.
    It’s a real shame if that’s the case. When are you going to make all the new fancy things available to us who use the classic version? So far I have been told that the new VR has not been rolled out as some things are missing compared to classic version – though I don’t know what.

    • Hi there. Yes, sign up forms are available in VR Classic as well! To find them, click on “Lists” in the blue navigation bar at the top of your account. “Opt-in Forms” (that’s what they’re called in VR Classic) are the third choice in the menu.


    • Hi Ann! So glad you asked! You can currently use our VerticalResponse Classic product to embed a signup form and we are launching this feature very soon in the new VerticalResponse. We’ll be sure to let you know via our Product Blog when it goes live!
      Cheers & thanks!

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