12 comments on “Responsive Email Templates Are On the Way!

  1. Excellent! Are the responsive design templates out now? If so, are they available from within the Salesforce app, or do we need to import them? We have many people on staff who compose VR emails, mainly from within Salesforce, and they would love to have access to these new templates as a starting point.

    • Hi Art,

      We just launched an updated version of VR, but it’s still in limited use and not in Salesforce. Yet. We will be working on the SF integration that we have and updating it, so you should hopefully see the new templates there soon!

  2. This article is over 2 months old and I still don’t see the responsive templates in my Vertical Response account. Can you please let me know when these will be available? Or, if they are already available, how can I access them? I thought I would see a “Responsive” template category in the email wizard, but I haven’t seen one yet. An update on this would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Liz,

      We’re in the process of updating our system and so for the time being we have two, the one that most of our customers are using, called VerticalResponse Classic, and our new VerticalResponse. The responsive templates are in the new system, along with some other new features. But, because the new system doesn’t have all the features our Classic users are used to, we haven’t invited anyone over yet. We don’t want you to get in there and be disappointed if your favorite feature is missing. So we plan to invite our Classic users to the new platform when the features they like are introduced. You won’t see responsive templates in VR Classic, but you should see an invite soon to check out the new system!

      • Hi Jill,

        Thanks for your reply, but I’m still a little confused. You say that most of your customers are using the VR Classic, but then you say that the “Classic Users” do not have access to the new system. So who are the lucky customers that have access to the 2 new templates? And how do I know if I am a “Classic User”?

        • Hi Liz,

          For most people, just look in the top left corner of your VR account, if you see a blue VerticalResponse Classic logo, then you have Classic. If it says VerticalResponse and the account has purple highlights, you’re in the new VR. Your account is branded for WPI, but it’s a Classic account. We haven’t invited any Classic users to the new one yet, it doesn’t have all the features that Classic has, so we’re holding off. If you have a different email address you want to use, not the one you’re using now, you can go check it out if you like. Just note that you have a specific account for WPI and that will not be the case if you set up an account on your own.

    • Hi Liz,

      The responsive templates won’t be in VR Classic, all new features are going into the new product. We’ll start moving Classic users over to the new one as the features they use are added to it. Look for emails from us soon as to what features are there and if you should move over yet.

    • Hi Ellen,

      Not yet, but we are re-working our Salesforce integration and the new version will have the responsive templates. Look for more info about this around March.

      Jill Bastian

  3. I read that you mentioned March 2015 as a potential time for the responsive templates. Have there been any developments? We’re anxious for this Salesforce integration!

    • Hi Andrea,

      There’s a bit of a delay on the new Salesforce integration. It’s a long story but we had to get a new developer to help us with the integration so it’s pushed it back about two months. We are still working on it though, it’s definitely a priority!

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