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Published on February 22nd, 2012 | by Savannah Stewart


Share a Post-Valentine’s Day KISS with Your Audience

VerticalResponse marketing team members, Savannah and Colleen, recently attended the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas. This is the first in a series of posts on their learnings from the conference.
Share a Post Valentine's Day Kiss With Your Audience
Brian Solis, keynote speaker and author of The End of Business As Usual, discussed a new generation of connected customers or “the people formerly known as the audience.” He related, our “audience” is now a culture of individuals who are just as interested in sharing as they are in consuming. They are connected to a network of individuals (their audience) and our message has the potential to reach many more people than just those on our lists or in our network. We now have the potential to speak through our customers and followers and have our message amplified to impact exponentially.

How can we maximize the sharing potential of our content? Brian used an acronym which I felt accurately sums it up: KISS. Everyone likes a good kiss right? And it’s an appropriate acronym with the recent passing of Valentine’s Day! Okay, more importantly what does it mean and how does it relate to your content? KISS, stands for Keep It Significant and Shareable. Great, now we know the what, but let’s get to the how…

Keep It Significant: Ask yourself, is this important to my customers now? Would they find this information useful and interesting? Is this something my customers would ask or need to know? Marcus Sheridan, another great keynote speaker at MarketingSherpa, made his website and blog the top visited in his industry by compiling a list of questions and concerns he was asked on a regular basis by his customers. Although, the answers to many of the questions could potentially drive business to competitors or alternate solutions, he answered each of the questions honestly in a series of blog posts. His answers to many of the questions topped Google search results, and page views to his website along with inbound leads have grown tremendously. What’s the lesson here? Become an expert in your industry and tell your customers what they want and need to know, when they need to know it. They’ll appreciate your honesty. And, what they find useful or innovative, they’re more likely to share with their network.

Keep It Shareable: After you’ve created significant content it’s important to make your message easy to share. Below are a few tips on how to allow your audience to share:

1. Include sharing links – Forward-to-a-friend and social sharing links in your emails and blog posts are a great way to allow your content to be shared and magnified.

2. Cross-promote your content – Include blog post summaries in your newsletters, share your emails and newsletters on your social platforms, make your blog accessible through your website and allow customers to easily access your social pages on your website, emails and blog.

3. Take advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The use of keywords on your site, blogs and other content can do wonders to make your message easy to find and as a result, easy to share.

4. Make it digestible – The attention spans of our busy readers are short. And, they’re accustomed to picking and choosing pieces of content that interest them. Allow content to be easily scanned and understood by breaking it up into bullet points, short paragraphs and small blocks of text. Underlining, linking and making bold also helps to convey key points and take-aways.

The lifespan of most of our content is relatively short; it can range from a few days on our blogs to less than an hour on Facebook or even a few minutes on Twitter. Taking advantage of our audiences’ networks along with their eagerness to share and listening to interests to create new relevant content is more important than ever. Have you had success with a particular topic or area of content or do you have a cross-promotion tactic or tip that has worked particularly well to help amplify your message? We’d love to hear it!

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7 Responses to Share a Post-Valentine’s Day KISS with Your Audience

  1. Lovely ideas! I’m not at all surprised if it causes people to swarm your business. This is good exposure.

  2. web design says:

    How many times are they going to make a new business acronym for the word kiss? However this article is the same way short and simple yet packed with some good information.

  3. Brian Solis has perfectly analyzed the behavior of online users. Their very intention of sharing anything will help the internet business owners if it is properly channelized. The new definition to KISS has conveyed the whole message.

  4. We were giving away valentines day cards in my shop. It was very well accepted.

  5. Marcus Sheridan has a big heart as he answers questions related to online business openly without fearing the competitors. His experience will help those who seek answers from him.

  6. Aha! So that’s what you mean by KISS! Thanks for this post Savannah. You’re spot on with what you shared here. Customers are now more empowered than ever before! We, online marketers, really need to provide them with ways on how they can exercise their right to self-expression with regard to the products and services we offer. How about when it comes to mobile marketing? How do you apply KISS here? Thanks!

  7. In my store, we kissing every coustumers on a Valentine day.
    That’s a idea of my wife.

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