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Published on April 24th, 2012 | by Derek Overbey


Small Biz Social Secrets – Episode 1: Shauna Causey [VIDEO]

At VerticalResponse we try to bring you relevant and valuable content to make your business better. With that objective in mind, we are excited to deliver the first episode of our new video series, Small Biz Social Secrets. In this series, we’ll provide interviews with top social media personalities who will share vital information to help you get the most out of your social media efforts.

In our kickoff episode , we have the pleasure of chatting with Shauna Causey, VP of Marketing at Shauna has an incredible social media background including key roles in developing social programs at such well known companies as Nordstrom and Comcast. Here, Shauna shares insights into what aspects of social media she would concentrate on if starting a new small business or non-profit organization.

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Derek Overbey

Derek Overbey is a contributing author for VerticalResponse.

3 Responses to Small Biz Social Secrets – Episode 1: Shauna Causey [VIDEO]

  1. DoverbEy says:

    Peggy and Gary,
    I’m sorry for the poor audio quality on the video. This was a new camera and audio is always tricky. I’m working on that issue for our future posts and I hope you will continue to enjoy this series. With better sound. :)
    Derek Overbey
    Sr. Social Media Manager

  2. Peggy Irvin says:

    Very Difficult to hear the person asking the questions. Background noise extremely distracting. Good Idea.

  3. I could barely hear the questions being asked. Additionally, Shauna was competing with a lot of background noise. I could hear her but the background noise was very distracting. Overall, a good idea but execution could have been much better. I’m sure the next one will be.

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