FAQ : Small Business Email Marketing

How can email marketing help my small business?

Email marketing is the most powerful method for growing sales and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. Your customers have already chosen to do business with you and will most likely continue to do so if you stay in touch with them and provide great service.

Small businesses that stay connected by sending newsletters and sales bulletins reap the reward of earning an average $42 return on investment for every dollar spent on email marketing. Email marketing is affordable and easy to get started with.

How do I create a small business newsletter?
Creating a small businesses newsletter with VerticalResponse is quite simple. Our online tools offer 4 different email creation options, each appealing to a different skill level. You can opt to create a small business newsletter with HTML from scratch or choose the quick and easy Email Wizard which lets you select from over 700 email newsletter templates.
Do I need to hire a designer or know HTML to create a small business newsletter?
Nope! You don't need to be a designer or have HTML knowledge to create a small business newsletter.
What is the cost to create and send a newsletter?
Sending a newsletter for your business has never been more affordable than with our flexible payment options. We offer two great ways to pay.
  1. Pay As You Go: Our most popular pricing plan allows maximum flexibility and is ideal for those who mail once a month or less. With this plan you pay only when you send. One email credit equals one email recipient.
  2. Pay Monthly: This plan is perfect for those with larger lists or who send frequently. The pay monthly plan starts at only $8.50 per month.

Learn more about small business email marketing pricing.