VerticalResponse Makes It Easier For AuPairCare To Lend Hands To Parents By Taking Care Of AuPairCare’s Email Marketing Needs


AuPairCare is one of the first au pair agencies designated by the U.S. Department of State to help families find the best in-home child care available. With a diverse selection of au pairs from more than 40 countries, AuPairCare has placed 30,000 au pairs with families throughout the United States. Au pairs provide working parents with a much needed extra set of hands, performing duties that may include: child supervision, engaging children in learning activities, preparing children's meals, helping tidy children's rooms, driving children to school and activities, helping with homework and sharing their culture, language and traditions with children.


AuPairCare needed to reach out to different audiences around the world, targeted both by country and with different messages to parents and current au pairs and potential AuPairCare candidates. Prior to VerticalResponse, AuPairCare was using an antiquated email software program that was not very flexible or user friendly and found it frustrating to use because there were never software updates made to accommodate changing technologies. In contrast VerticalResponse has enabled AupairCare to effectively expand its marketing efforts and grow its business through its professional-looking, dependably delivered email campaigns.


With a large list of contacts from over forty countries, it was extremely important for AuPairCare to find a company who would walk them through the entire process. "The best thing about VerticalResponse is that it is so simple to use – we’ve heard great things about their customer support, but the truth is, we have never had to use it! After setting up the program, we got emails out the door in less than an hour," said Sarah McNamara, Director of Marketing for AuPairCare.

VerticalResponse was the perfect fit. AuPairCare found the service to be extremely user-friendly, allowing it to quickly train its staff and implement an effective marketing program in a timely fashion – while working within their budget. "Using VerticalResponse for all of our outreach has had a dramatic effect on how we organize our marketing efforts," said McNamara. "It is so easy to track the exact impact of each campaign which provides us with the insight to continually tweak and improve each piece of communication we send", she added.


AuPairCare found VerticalResponse to be extremely user-friendly. It was very easy for them to train their staff and quickly get their communications up and running. AuPairCare uses VerticalResponse’s advanced tracking tools to monitor which cities and states were opening up email for each campaign sent out. From this feedback, AuPairCare is able to immediately identify what was working and what wasn’t, helping them to adjust their newly implemented marketing programs to best serve their needs. Finally, VerticalResponse allowed them to stay within their budget. The cost-effective pricing, in combination with the precise analytics, made it so AuPairCare could closely measure their return on investment.


VerticalResponse turned AuPairCare’s mission of matching families with exceptional au pairs into a reality. With the help of VerticalResponse email marketing, AuPairCare has been able to grow its business. The number of participating host families has increased by a full 30 percent, and expanded the network of potential au pair caregivers by an additional 30 percent. Together AuPairCare and VerticalResponse are helping families in the United States and international au pairs find the best match for live-in childcare.

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