LockPickShop Uses VerticalResponse Email Marketing To Boost Facebook Fan Base and Bring in Revenue


LockPickShop.com has been in business since 2000, and today it ships to 60 countries worldwide. Over that time, LockPickShop has modified and expanded its product line to supply a number of businesses & organizations with lock picking and auto entry tools. Their customer base includes locksmiths, students of the trade, US Military and first responders. Another major part of their customer base is made up of law enforcement personnel such as Police departments, Homeland Security, the FBI, and the DEA.

LockPickShop is also a large supplier of props for TV shows such as Law and Order, CSI, and Bones. Glynn Gallagher owns the company and operates it by herself, through the help of a fulfillment center for shipping and invoices.

"When you see a television show or a movie where someone is breaking into a car or a home, it’s likely the tools came from the LockPickShop," said Glynn Gallagher, Owner, LockPickShop.


When LockPickShop started 10 years ago, Gallagher did not have much knowledge of formal marketing techniques. Prior to signing up with VerticalResponse, LockPickShop was primarily advertising on specialty forums for locksmiths and using Google AdWords.

The LockPickShop is a very niche business, and needed to expand their customer base and ensure more customers were connecting with them through social media. Gallagher decided to try email marketing two years ago in order to meet those goals.


Although Gallagher was new to email marketing, she was convinced it would be a good tactic for her small business. Initially, she decided to test out several different email marketing companies, and see which one she liked best.

"I went through the trial program for three email marketing companies, and chose to stay with VerticalResponse because it was easy and didn’t make my head hurt!" said Gallagher.


For the past two years, LockPickShop has been using VerticalResponse’s email marketing service. Gallagher regularly uses the VerticalResponse online support resources, email marketing templates, and webinars. She states, "The resources from VerticalResponse really make a big difference in how the world perceives us, and allows us to compete in the marketplace on a much larger scale than your typical small business."

In October 2009, she decided to embrace social media and start a Facebook group for her business. To jump-start the Facebook page for LockPickShop, Gallagher launched a VerticalResponse email campaign asking her customers to become 'Fans' of LockPickShop Facebook page. There were no Facebook Fans at the time the email went out, and within five days she had over 300 Facebook Fans. A whopping 250 of these joined in the first 48 hours.

After the success of this first email, Gallagher decided to send out a second email to customers who had not yet joined her Facebook Fan page, asking them to do so. Gallagher had won a personal consultation with VerticalResponse during the Halloween "Scare Up Some Great Results" Contest, and decided to use the advice from this consultation in her next email campaign. This advice was to keep emails simple with one key message for her customers. So Glynn sent an email asking them to join the Facebook Fan page. Within one day LockPickShop gained another 125 Facebook Fans, and now is at over 500 Facebook Fans.

"The email I sent out after the VerticalResponse email consultation was my most successful email ever," said Gallagher. "I’m shocked by the quick results and this really proves to me that email marketing and social media really do work well together."


For the first Facebook Fan email she sent, Gallagher achieved a 17% open rate, and 9.06% click through rate. Gallagher also included a discount code in the email, which was used by 34 customers to make a purchase.

"Sales attributed to the VerticalResponse email campaign were an unexpected surprise because our business sells locksmith tools. You’d expect that sending out a Halloween email about locksmith tools would not generate any revenue, but this didn’t happen," said Glynn Gallagher, Owner, LockPickShop. "As a result of the coupon we offered, we finished with $3000 in revenue from one email campaign.

Gallagher attributes more than 10% of LockPickShop’s revenue to email marketing through VerticalResponse. When she sends an email campaign, Gallagher sees the number of website visitors quadruple for a 24-hour period.

"I owe VerticalResponse’s email marketing a lot for making it easy to make money," said Gallagher. “I’m really excited to use the new VerticalResponse feature —social sharing of email—that was just released. It will make it even easier to get the exposure on social media I am looking for."

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