Peas of Mind Has Peace of Mind When They Hit the Launch Button Using VerticalResponse


Peas of Mind is the maker of all natural, healthy frozen foods for growing kids. Jill Litwin, Owner of Peas of Mind, came up with the 'Puffet', a food product that appeals to children, while giving parents the "peace of mind" that comes with knowing they are eating healthy and well.

Puffets can be found online and in a number of grocery stores around the United States. For more information visit


Since the start of Peas of Mind in 2005, Litwin and her business have received a constant stream of press. This in turn created a growing amount of traffic to the Peas of Mind website. The increased traffic was welcome but they did not have the online communication tools in place to support it.

The Peas of Mind website only had a basic contact form on the website so Litwin could communicate directly with her interested audience. Most of Peas of Mind’s communication was in the form of direct response to emails and questions by Litwin herself or her marketing manager.

With a growing number of dedicated fans and a growing list of ideas to offer customers, Peas of Mind needed an efficient and effective way to email all their customers and fans.


Litwin tried to send out Peas of Mind’s monthly news through another email service provider. However when she attempted to send to more than 100 people the server was delayed forcing her to resend the email to everyone. Litwin knew there had to be a better email marketing solution. "While transferring your contacts to an email service provider can be a daunting task, I was convinced we needed to do it," said Litwin.

Litwin started to keep track of her favorite newsletters and noticed that a few of the businesses she respected were VerticalResponse customers. She decided that VerticalResponse was a company to look into and spent time researching if it would be a good fit for Peas of Mind.


The first Peas of Mind newsletter sent through VerticalResponse launched on November 6, 2007 to all their customers without a problem. The newsletter included information about new locations to find their products and a monthly "Reci-Pea" to encourage parents to continue to feed their kids healthy foods. "VerticalResponse is a great tool to keep our whole customer base informed," said Litwin.

Another top priority of Peas of Mind was to gain in depth customer insight. So after successfully sending monthly email newsletters with VerticalResponse for almost a year, they felt it was time to try to send a customer survey.

They sent their first survey at the beginning of 2009 to find out how Peas of Mind had done in the previous year as well as what more they could do. The goal was to gain customer insight focused on when products get used, how Peas of Mind can help more, and what Peas of Mind customers would like to learn more about.


Peas of Mind gained significant insight and appreciated additional customer knowledge. Since the survey results have come in Peas of Mind is confident that they will be able to provide the growing list of parents and supporters with information and products that they want.

Additionally, Peas of Mind has grown their monthly newsletter list to over 1,000 subscribers and are excited to announce availability in additional stores this year and online at "VerticalResponse is so easy to work with, the customer support team makes me comfortable when I try something new like surveys, I get to talk to a person directly. VerticalResponse is our tool to communicate to our customer base," said Litwin.

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