Powered by VerticalResponse, Vyral Marketing Grows Client Base by 400 Percent


One of the biggest challenges that small businesses – especially independent professionals – face is how little time they have to commit to marketing and staying in touch with contacts. Omaha, Neb.-based Vyral Marketing hopes to change all that. Formed in 2009, the agency helps small companies and independent service providers stay top of mind by helping them manage their marketing, so they can dedicate their time to other aspects of their business.

Vyral Marketing currently has about 120 clients based in the U.S. and Canada, primarily independent owner/operators in the real estate and professional services industries. What started as a company with two employees has grown to a thriving agency with 10 staffers in less than three years.


The Vyral team implements a unique marketing approach for their clients, using a combination of videos, blogs, email and social media to help them stay connected with their prospects and customers.

"We decided our heavy hitter would be email,” said Andre Pessini, Vyral Marketing CEO. “It’s an effective, low-cost way to stay in touch.”

Here’s how it works: Vyral’s clients are asked to shoot two short, educational videos per month. The agency takes care of the rest, including editing the videos, setting up a video blog, creating custom email campaigns that distribute the videos to the client’s contact database, and tracking response and click-through rates. Each client then follows up with the subscribers who click through the email to watch the video, with the goal of getting increased referrals and repeat business.

Vyral Marketing was sending emails from one email account for all their clients. In 2011, the company realized that it needed a more robust platform that could support its growing client accounts and increasing email load. With each client having up to 35,000 contacts in their databases, Vyral sends nearly 1 million emails every month.


Andre and Vyral Marketing founder Frank Klesitz were attracted to the VerticalResponse Partner program because it allowed Vyral to set up multiple sub-accounts through one main parent account. Each Vyral client gets its own VerticalResponse sub-account and individual log-in.

“The way VerticalResponse structures their parent and sub-accounts is, in my eyes, absolutely ideal,” says Andre. “I also respect that VerticalResponse is very particular in regards to content, deliverability and opt-in practices. I truly feel they want to make email a much safer and much more genuine business tool, versus what some other companies out there do.”


When Vyral Marketing made the move to VerticalResponse in early 2011, it had about 30 clients. In the year and a half since, the company has grown nearly 400 percent to almost 120 customers.

“That’s a growth from $190,000 in gross annual income in December of 2010, before we partnered with VerticalResponse, to a 2012 projected gross income of $819,000,” says Andre. “This would not have been possible without VerticalResponse.”

As a VerticalResponse partner, Vyral Marketing also has a dedicated partner success manager who helps with any customer service and keeps the agency up-to-date on the latest features. Additionally, it has free access to the company’s robust resource library, including tutorials, webinars, best practices and handbooks.

“VerticalResponse has the absolute best dollar for value of any email service provider,” he continues. “The platform itself is fantastic, user friendly and its customer service is out of this world. It’s allowed our company to become what it is today.”

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