Detailed Reporting & Tracking

Examine your post-launch results in real-time via custom objects, custom reports and custom dashboards.

Campaign Preview - View the actual email content you’ve sent to Leads and Contacts as you drill down into the detail page of a VR Email History.

Custom Objects - Data for the email addresses that opened, clicked, bounced, and unsubscribed will be updated into your account. All statuses are tracked and never overwritten during the lifetime of the campaign.

Custom Reports - Isolate segments of your audience based on their response behavior. Quickly identify Leads and Contacts that have bounced, opened, clicked, unsubscribed or performed no action (i.e. non-responders).

Custom Dashboards - Monitor and display email campaign performance over time, right within your account.

NEW Track past the click! - Activate Google Analytics for email campaigns right within your VR for AppExchange account. Read about it here