Multiple Campaign Creation Options

Whether you're using your saved templates as part of your communications strategy, or need to send a text only message, VerticalResponse gives you a range of options. Templates – Bring over templates you’ve saved in Since you’ve spent so much time creating them, why not use them within VerticalResponse?

Email Wizard – Create a professional-looking email in minutes, just follow the wizard! Walk through the entire creation process, step-by-step, receiving helpful hints along the way. Before you know it, your HTML email is complete. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s boring – choose from over 300 themed borders to spice up your message.

Email Canvas – Maximum customization, minimum hassle. Design your email using a powerful HTML editor that includes a toolbar and formatting options just like your favorite word processing program (i.e. MS Word). With Email Canvas you’ll have full control over the design of your email.

Freeform HTML – Already an HTML expert? No problem, go ahead and freestyle within Freeform! Simply paste in your pre-built HTML content and you’re done.

Text-Only – If images, colors and formatting are not for you, just enter in plain text to create your email.