Mailing List Management

Instantly create targeted lists of Leads & Contacts for mass email and direct mail communications. Query your data to build lists without restrictions or limitations - no uploading or downloading.

While you’re at it, rest assured that VerticalResponse is managing your unsubscribes and bounced emails.

Build targeted mailing lists and personalize your email campaigns with VerticalResponse's Query Tool. Utilize Account and Owner fields to get closer to your customers and improve your response rates. This new functionality allows you more flexibility beyond our existing offering which allowed you to query leads and contacts

NEW Now it's easier than ever for you to…

  • Use all standard and custom Account fields
  • Include additional operators to support Account level queries.
  • Save commonly used query parameters when you compile a mass email list

Query Leads & Contacts

You can personalize by “Owner” once, so you don’t need to create multiple campaigns for each!

Instant Unsubscribe and Bounce Processing

Anyone who has unsubscribed will be added to a global unsubscribe list within your account. This address will be blocked from being mailed to or loaded into your VerticalResponse account. By just clicking “Update Statistics” your Unsubscribe information will be transferred back into so you’ll know each person that unsubscribed.

Similarly, if your email is blocked by the recipient’s server, VerticalResponse will add them to a list so you don’t email them again and transfer them back into your account.

Either way, (and excuse us if we’re stating the obvious here!) you won’t pay for emails that don’t go through.