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Practical Ecommerce June 10, 2010 - Practical Ecommerce
Six Pointers for Formatting Your Ecommerce Emails
Miami Herald May 31, 2010 - Miami Herald
10 ways to convert clicks into customers using Email
Women Entrepreneur April 19, 2010 - Women Entrepreneur
Online Marketing Tools: A Comparison
SF Examiner April 15, 2010 - SF Examiner
Small Business Adminstration awards 4 local businesses
Seattle Post Intelligencer April 15, 2010 - Seattle Post Intelligencer
Small business week coming, winners to be honored
SF Gate April 15, 2010 - SFGate
Small business week coming, winners to be honored
Silicon Valley San Jose Business Journal April 14, 2010 - Silicon Valley San Jose Business Journal
Cisco exec named SBA award winner
smallbiztechnology April 4, 2010 -
Email Marketing Services Upgrade Their Interfaces: How Does This Affect You?
SmallBusinessNewz March 25, 2010 - SmallBusinessNewz
Questions You Should Ask Your Customers Right Now
DuctTape Marketing March 15, 2010 - DuctTape Marketing
Use Your Neighbors and Partners to Build Your List
GetConnected March 11, 2010 - GetConnected
Google Announces Business in the Cloud
BtoB February 25, 2010 - BtoB
7 Tips for Using E-mail to Promote Webinars
DMNews February 15, 2010 - DMNews
Essential Guide On Lists & Databases
Econsultancy January 13, 2010 - Econsultancy
Q&A: Nick Carter of on infinite email ROI
Adology December 16, 2009 - Marketing Forecast
Small Businesses to Lower Use of Banner Ads, TV and Radio in 2010
AMEX Open Forum December 14, 2009 - AMEX Open Forum
How Do Small Businesses Feel About Healthcare Reform? December 4, 2009 - MediaPost
Small Business Marketing Spend Plans for 2010 December 3, 2009 -
Report: Small Business Owners Ambivalent About the Public Health Care Option
SF Examiner November 29, 2009 - SF Examiner
VerticalResponse founder Janine Popick on direct e-mail marketing
Small Business Trends November 19, 2009 - Marketing Charts
Small Biz: Big Hikes in Email, SocNet Spending for 2010
Small Business Trends November 19, 2009 - Small Business Trends
SMBs to Increase 2010 Email Marketing, Social Media Spend
SFGate November 19, 2009 - SFGate
Newsom Chats Up S.F. Employers for Jobs
BtoB November 18, 2009 - BtoB
EMI: Ask the Expert
How do I reactivate my unresponsive e-mail recipients?
Silicon Valley Watcher November 13, 2009 - Silicon Valley Watcher
Public Healthcare Could Cut Startup Costs And Help Spur Innovation
The Email Guide November 10, 2009 - The Email Guide
VerticalResponse eMail Marketing and Social Media Integration checklist October 28, 2009 -
Intuit Muscles Into the Platform as a Service Game
DMNews October 27, 2009 - DMNews
Social Media for Small Business in Under an Hour
SF Examiner October 21, 2009 - SF Examiner
Smart Companies Flourish in Bad Times
The Huffington Post October 21, 2009 - The Huffington Post
The New Power Girls: National Business Women's Week, Being Counted, And What Defines A Woman Entrepreneur
DMNews October 20, 2009 - DMNews
E-mail Basics Meet New Tricks
Napa Valley Register October 18, 2009 - Napa Valley Register
Marketing On-line
WebProNews October 15, 2009 - WebProNews
10 More Reasons Why Social Media Won't Replace Email
WebProNews October 15, 2009 - WebProNews
10 Reasons Social Media isn't Replacing Email
smallbiztechnology October 4, 2009 -
QuickBooks 2010: How Old Software Stays New and Improved
ConstrucTech October 1, 2009 - ConstrucTech
The Rise of the App Store
WorldColor October 1, 2009 - WorldColor
Five Steps for E-Mail Marketing Success October 1, 2009 -
You're Fired: Getting Rid of Bad Customers
Worldcolor September 30, 2009 - Econsultancy
Five Steps For E-mail Marketing Success
StrategicGrowth September 26, 2009 - StrategicGrowth
Being Strategic: Live from the Inc. 500
Turbo Online Business September 25, 2009 - Turbo Online Business
How To Keep Your Email Newsletter From Being Flagged As Spam
Web Worker Daily September 25, 2009 - Web Worker Daily
WorkingPoint: Effortless Invoicing
Practical Ecommerce September 24, 2009 - Practical Ecommerce
Book Excerpt: Niche Online Communities Can Benefit Your Business September 23, 2009 -
E-mail Marketing: 3 Reasons to Do It
Be Relevant September 18, 2009 - Be Relevant
29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business September 17, 2009 -
Small Business Stimulus Package ala VerticalResponse
Email Marketing Reports September 16, 2009 - Email marketing Reports
Top email marketing info sources for 2009
Bare Feet Studios September 15, 2009 - Bare Feet Studios
Rox Speaking at Meeting Professionals International
Host Earth September 8, 2009 - Host Earth
How to Send Your Digital Newsletter
BloggingStocks September 6, 2009 - BloggingStocks
Entrepreneur's Journal: Is it possible to grow your business now? September 4, 2009 -
How to improve email metrics in a recession
The New York Times September 4, 2009 - MarketingProfs
A Match Made in E-Heaven: Twitter and Email
REthink Wine Blog September 2, 2009 - REthink Wine Blog
Are you offering holiday specials this year? We have a few tips for you.
The New York Times September 2, 2009 - The New York Times
How to Start a Business
smallbiztechnology August 28, 2009 -
Email Marketing In A World of Mobility, Social Media and Short Attention Spans.
DuctTape Marketing August 26, 2009 - DuctTape Marketing
The New Marketer’s Toolbox
Grow Smart Business August 26, 2009 - Grow Smart Business
Run Your Business on Less than $100 A month
The Wall Street Journal August 20, 2009 - The Wall Street Journal
Ardent Partisanship
BtoB August 13, 2009 - BtoB
Optimizing your e-mail for mobile devices
MurrayNewlands July 28, 2009 - MurrayNewlands
Email Marketing Blog, Top Ten Email Marketing Blog Sites
ReadWriteEnterprise July 27, 2009 - ReadWriteEnterprise - Partner Platform Gets a Dash of Open Source
ZDNet July 27, 2009 - ZDNet
Intuit Creates Open Source Community
DemandGen Report July 13, 2009 - DemandGen Report
VerticalResponse Partners With BigContacts To Offer CRM, Email Tools For SMBs
BtoB July 9, 2009 - BtoB
Secrets & lies: Integrating CRM and e-mail
Lighting Essentials for Photographers July 6, 2009 - Lighting Essentials for Photographers
10 Things You Can Do Right Now for Your Photography Business June 24, 2009-
Service Review - - An Email Marketing Company Worth Considering June 17, 2009 -
VerticalResponse and Intuit: Marketing Meets Finance
IT world June 5, 2009 - IT World : Smart Tech for Small Biz
Link QuickBooks® Contacts to VerticalResponse E-Mail Marketing
USA Today June 5, 2009 - USA Today
Strategies: Heat things up business-wise this summer
BMighty June 3, 2009 - BMighty
Intuit Partner Platform Adds Federated Apps June 3, 2009 -
Intuit Adds New Marketing Tools to QuickBooks via the Intuit Partner Platform: VerticalResponse for Intuit Workplace
Tech Crunch June 3, 2009 - Tech Crunch
Intuit’s Partner Platform Goes Multilingual With Federated Apps
ZDNet June 3, 2009 - ZDNet
Intuit makes two-pronged PaaS and SaaS push May 27, 2009 -
VerticalResponse Offers Free Bulk Email Service for Non-Profits
InfoWorld May 20, 2009 - InfoWorld
Adventures In E-mail Marketing
All Business May 8, 2009 - All Business
America’s Top Business Mom
R3R May 5, 2009 - R3R
Track your E-mail Marketing Campaigns with VerticalResponse’s Calendar
Gifts & Decorative Accessories May 5, 2009 - Gifts & Decorative Accessories
CMD Gifts Named a Top 10 Mom-Owned Business
BusinessWeek May 4, 2009 - BusinessWeek
E-mail Newsletters That Customers Actually Read
Helping Hands for Coaches April 17, 2009 - Helping Hands For Coaches
Ning Panelists
BtoB April 22, 2009 - WCBS880
WCBS Opening Bell Report: Going Paperless
BtoB April 16, 2009 - BtoB
What are some good ideas for sending e-mail campaigns?
CNET News April 9, 2009 - CNET News
AT&T Uses Twitter During Service Outage
DMNews March 30, 2009 - DMNews
What Must a Candidate With Direct Mail Experience Know If He/She is Looking to Move Into E-mail?
R3R March 28, 2009 - R3R
VerticalResponse: A Good Example of Business-to-Customer Communication
BeyeNetwork March 24, 2009 - BeyeNetwork
Sales and Marketing: Analytics in the Cloud
Providence Business News March 22, 2009 - Providence Business News
Cheap, Easy Recession Sales Tips
smallbiztechnology March 17, 2009 -
Two Email Services Join Forces For Your Benefit March 16, 2009 -
Give Customers What They Want in Seven Steps
ABG March 12, 2009 - Arizona Business Gazette
Online Marketing Tools Can Boost your Business
KRON4 March 12, 2009 - KRON4
This Week's Featured Merchant
BtoB March 9, 2009 - BtoB
Is There Anything E-mail Can't Do?
DMNews March 2, 2009 - DMNews
Creative campaigns from Holland Boone, Bella Jules and HT Market
Diversity Careers Engineering Info. March 1, 2009 - Diversity / Careers in Engineering & Information
Techies Among Stevie Award Winners February 27, 2009 -
Is Your E-Communication Being Read?
BtoB February 26, 2009 - BtoB
VerticalResponse adds e-mail tracking and reporting tools
US Business Review February 24, 2009 - US Business Review
Hopes and Fears
DMNews February 17, 2009 - DMNews
Malama Marketing uses VerticalResponse's new reporting tools
USA Today February 9, 2009 - USA Today
E-mail Professionals Help Get the Word Out
DMNews December 10, 2008 - DMNews
Duct Tape Marketing selects VerticalResponse
Non Profit Times December 4, 2008 - The Non Profit Times
7 Online Fundraising Ideas For Year-End Procrastinators
i media connection December 3, 2008 - iMedia Connection
How to Craft Irresistible Subject Lines
CVBT November 26, 2008 - Central Valley Business Times
Survey: Homeowners blast Countrywide
Small Business Newz November 25, 2008 - Small Business Newz
Small Business Social Media Adoption November 24, 2008 -
Smart Spending Tips November 24, 2008 -
The Secret Recipe to a Successful Small Business
Top Tech News November 20, 2008 - Top Tech News
The Cloud vs the Platform: What's Best for the Enterprise?
  Also ran in:
Information Week November 20, 2008 - Information Week
The Cloud vs the Platform: What's Best for the Enterprise? November 20, 2008 -
The Cloud vs the Platform: What's Best for the Enterprise?
R3R November 19, 2008 - R3R
E-mail Marketing: Salesforce and VerticalResponse
Office of the Governor November 18, 2008 - Office of the Governor
Gov. Schwarzenegger Addresses First-Ever Conference on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Launches Global Entrepreneurship Week
  Also ran in:
Media Newswire November 18, 2008 - Media Newswire
Gov. Schwarzenegger Addresses First-Ever Conference on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Launches Global Entrepreneurship Week
The Pine Tree November 18, 2008 - BtoB
Gov. Schwarzenegger Addresses First-Ever Conference on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Launches Global Entrepreneurship Week
BtoB November 10, 2008 - BtoB
Glue Dots follows metrics to ensure postevent e-mails stick
Businessweek October 31, 2008 - BusinessWeek
When and How to Hire a CFO
BtoB September 29, 2008 - BtoB
How to fight e-mail fatigue: Experts say analytics, greater personalization help keep lines of communication open
DMNews August 27, 2008- DMNews
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars toast to e-mail
The Wall Street Journal August 13, 2008- The Wall Street Journal
Olympics Marketing: How Small Businesses Can Go for the Gold
Blogging Stocks August 3, 2008- Blogging Stocks
Entrepreneur's Journal: Raise money from friends, family and fools?
Contentinople July 24, 2008- Contentinople
CDN Wrap: Level 3 Delivers Games, EdgeCast Partners Up
1to1 Weekly July 21, 2008- 1to1 Weekly
Due Maternity Delivers Healthy ROI
DMNews July 21, 2008- DMNews
VerticalResponse and Panther Express partner
Duct Tape Marketing July 7, 2008- Duct Tape Marketing
Talking Email and CAN-SPAM with VerticalResponse
smallbiztechnology July 3, 2008-
Email Marketing: Why More Of You Don't Do It June 1, 2008-
Things I Can't Live Without: Janine Popick
DNCC April 30, 2008- DNCC
DNCC Names VerticalResponse Official Subscription E-Mail Provider For 2008 Democratic National Convention
Network World March 20, 2008- Network World
Mail services reach out for you
That IT Girl March 10, 2008- That IT Girl
Wierd Formatting in Newsletters - VerticalResponse Fixes!
Salesforce Times March 6, 2008- Salesforce Times
Vertical Response, most popular AppEx App, upgrades
Network World March 6, 2008- Network World
NetBooks moves enterprise suites downstream
Arizona Business Gazette February 14, 2008- Arizona Business Gazette
Entrepreneur's Journal: Creating a killer newsletter
DMNews February 12, 2008- DMNews
Microsoft and Cbeyond partner for new e-mail service
CODiE February 11, 2008- 2008 SIIA CODiE Award
Best Communication Solution
Best Corporate Blog
Bluebird February 7, 2008- Bluebird Blueprint
Salesforce User Group Meeting - Bay Area
BloggingStocks January 12, 2008- BloggingStocks
Entrepreneur's Journal: Creating a killer newsletter
dBusinessNews SF January 9, 2008- dBusinessNews San Francisco
VerticalResponse's CEO Janine Popick Delivers 10 Marketing Resolutions for 2008
TMCnet January 9, 2008- TMCnet
LongJump Unveils App Programming for DaaS Offering January 1, 2008-
Welcome New Employees with Open Arms December 22, 2007-
VerticalResponse's CEO Janine Popick Delivers 10 Marketing Resolutions for 2008
Webware December 11, 2007- Webware
Netbooks: Almost a do-it-all small-business suite
Information Week December 10, 2007- Information Week, Page 3
How RIM, Salesforce, Red Hat, And VMware Are Building Developer Ecosystems
CMO 2.0 December 3, 2007- CMO 2.0
Janine Popick on E-mail Marketing
Small Business Computing November 28, 2007- Small Business Computing
SaaS Startup Offers Marketing Help
SF Business Times November 23, 2007- San Francisco Business Times
VerticalResponse rises to the top
The City Star November 15, 2007- The City Star, Page 2
Meet Your Neighbor
DM News November 14, 2007- DMNews
Vertical Response partners with Long Jump
DM News September 6, 2007- DMNews
VerticalResponse to integrate Google Analytics
The Examiner Jul 16, 2007 - The Examiner
Janine Popick: Bulk e-mail for small businesses
Selling Power May 15, 2007 - Selling Power Daily Report
Effective E-Marketing
Selling Power May 14, 2007 - Selling Power Daily Report
A Rap Marketing Story
PRWeb May 2007 - PRWeb Announces the Latest Rankings for Internet Marketing and Services Vendors for May 2007 with two New Categories
ZDNet April 30, 2007 - ZDNet Berlind’s Testbed blog
One Office Suite, Please. Hold the Mayo (I brought my own)
Programmable Web April 26, 2007 - Programmable Web
New APIs: US Federal Spending, Videos, Email
BtoB April 26, 2007 - BtoB
Tips for lowering your opt-out rate
Internet Marketing News watch April 20, 2007- Internet Marketing Newswatch
VerticalResponse Launches new API for its Email Marketing Software
Internet Marketing News watch April 20, 2007- Internet Marketing Newswatch
VerticalResponse Upgrades ‘Email Canvas’ & ‘Media Library’
Screendreamer April 17, 2007 - Screendreamer
Create Your Own Masterpiece with the Email Canvas
Technology for Humans April 13, 2007 - Technology For Humans
Getting Your Web App’s Mail Delivered
BNet April 11, 2007 - BNet
Online Surveys Made Easy
DM News April 4, 2007- DMNews
VerticalResponse Debuts New Tools
Wines and Vines April 2007- Wines and Vines
Strategies for Effective E-Newsletters April 2007 -
Looking to Sell Online? PayPal Wants to Take You Global
Entrepreneur Magazine March 21, 2007 - Entrepreneur Magazine & U.S.News
Widget Wonders - Meet the web applets that interact with your desktop
ClickZ March 22, 2007 - ClickZ
E-Mail Help for a Help Desk Company
DM News March 15, 2007 - DMNews
VerticalResponse wins blog of year and I WUZ THERE!
Web2Everything March 13, 2007- Web2Everything
Using VerticalResponse to send Clicktools surveys March 9, 2007-
Two Inc. 500 Firms Receive Stevie Awards March, 2007-
Dressing for Success
DM News February 21, 2007 - DMNews
…And Six winning strategies to grow your e-mail lists
DM News February 21, 2007 - DMNews
VerticalResponse experiences a 61% sales increase
Yahoo Finance February 8, 2007 - Yahoo Finance
VerticalResponse Closes 2006 With Strong Growth February 1, 2007 -
Keep Your Friends Close. Keep Your Enemies Closer
Email Marketing Reports January 29, 2007 - Email Marketing Reports
Small business and email marketing
ZDNet January 29th, 2007 - ZDNet
VerticalResponse: A pay-per-send volume email solution that works from within
Entrepreneur Magazine December 13, 2006 -Yahoo Finance
The VerticalResponse Sign-Up Form Widget for TypePad Users Is Now Available
Entrepreneur Magazine December, 2006 -
To Start or Not To Start a Business with Your Spouse
Entrepreneur Magazine November 15, 2006 - Yahoo Finance
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Selects VerticalResponse for Online Marketing Initiatives
Yahoo Finance October 23, 2006
Entrepreneur of the Week: Going Vertical
Marketing Sherpa Oct 16, 2006
Dreamforce Show Wrap-up -- a salesforce CRM Lovefest September 22, 2006
The Weekly Round-Up: 22.09.06
ClickZ Network August 25, 2006
E-Mail Marketers Embrace the 'Unsubscribe' Buttonl
DMNews August 16, 2006
VerticalResponse Nets Tennis Channel E-Mails
Fast Casual August 8, 2006
Fast-casual restaurants draw customers with e-mail
San Francisco Business Times August 4, 2006
High-tech marketer turns to diesel-driven media for pitches
DMNews July 26, 2006
Ex-Yesmail Chief Joins Vertical Response Board
B2B Online June 29, 2006
E-mail marketing secrets and lies: Conversion rates
ClickZ June 28, 2006
Good News for Small Biz
iMedia Connection June 19, 2006
Email FAQs
Marketing Vox June 12, 2006
VerticalResponse: Small Email Lists Have High Open Rates
Media Buyer Planner June 12, 2006
VerticalResponse: Small Email Lists Have High Open Rates
Internet Retailer June 9, 2006
Small e-mail campaigns produce the highest open rate, study finds
Executive Decision May / June, 2006
Response Boosting Secrets Maximize the Power of the Internet
DMNews May 24, 2006 to Use VerticalResponse for AppExchange
Apple Small Business April, 2006
Giving Birth to a Successful Business
CRM Today April 28, 2006
VerticalResponse's Use of's AppExchange is a Success
DMNews April 25, 2006
VerticalResponse for AppExchange Helping With Lead Generation
KCAL9 April 16, 2006
Los Angeles' KCAL 9 NEWS highlights a VerticalResponse survey detailing the tax-related habits of American citizens.
Smartpros April 17, 2006
Tax Refunds Gone Before They Arrive
Colorado Gazzette April 14, 2006
To spend or not to spend?
CNBC Morning Call April 3, 2006
CNBC's Morning Call discusses a VerticalResponse survey detailing baseball-related absenteeism
San Francisco Business Times April 3, 2006
Start of baseball season increases absenteeism
ClickZ March 22, 2006
E-Mail Help for a Help Desk Company
Direct March 8, 2006
VerticalResponse Offers Discount to Non-Profits
San Francisco Business Times March 3, 2006
Mavericks surf contest organizers catch email marketing wave
Apple Small Business January, 2006
World-Class Grapes and World-Class Technology
ClickZ December 14, 2005
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
San Francisco Business Times December 12, 2005
SF Business Times - Entrepreneur Profile (also appeared in the print edition)
Hotel Business Review December, 2005
Email Marketing Best Practices: Tips for Developing a Winning Campaign for your Hotel
DM News November 23, 2005
10 Ways to Build Your E-Mail List

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