VerticalResponse™ Launches With A New Self-Service Approach To Email Marketing

Industry Leaders make it easy and affordable to bring Direct Marketing Online with iBuilder™, Self-Service Direct Email Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - May 21, 2001 - Executives of the newly created VerticalResponse Inc., (, today unveiled the first self-service system for email marketing. The product iBuilder™ guides a business through a web-based process that drastically reduces the amount of time and money a business spends managing and executing professional email marketing campaigns. "Until today, many businesses have not had an easy, affordable email marketing solution. Traditional software applications are costly and difficult to implement while other solutions require technical training or an account manager to guide a business through simple tasks," said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "With the self-service solution from VerticalResponse a customer with little or no experience can sign on for the first time and execute an email campaign in a matter of minutes for a fraction of a penny per email. Our product also protects the novice user from sending unsolicited email or email that may look unprofessional. Plus, our flexible and powerful product enables even experienced Direct Marketers a solution to deliver their personalized email in a timely, affordable fashion." Founders Pioneered Email Marketing on the Web VerticalResponse's co-founders are direct marketing and Internet veterans who built one of the first-ever email marketing businesses. Popick, who has more than ten years of direct marketing experience, most recently was responsible for building and growing NBCi Direct, the direct marketing division of NBC Internet. During her tenure she was responsible for cultivating and emailing a database of over 15 million prospects. Prior to NBCi she served as VP of Direct Marketing and E-commerce at, where she built a $30 million business selling products and services through email making ecommerce the largest revenue stream for the company. Jeff McConathy, VerticalResponse's Vice President of Engineering, and Rob Hoadley, Senior Software Engineer were responsible for building and maintaining the email and database infrastructure for and NBCi. They have nearly 20 years of combined Internet development experience. They were responsible for building large scale Internet services and databases for, Freeloader, Alexa and NBCi. was one of the first companies to offer free Internet services to consumers which enabled them to build an opt-in database marketing engine for email solicitation. "The early success of was due in a large part to the direct e-commerce model," said Popick. "Now during this time of lean marketing budgets, businesses really need a service that quickly and affordably puts their message directly in front of their target audience. VerticalResponse has created a service that allows businesses of all sizes, regardless of technical or direct marketing expertise, to affordably communicate and sell directly to their customer base and prospects via email." Guided by a An Advisory Board of Technology and Direct Marketing Visionaries In addition to the co-founders, VerticalResponse's advisory board also includes technology and direct marketing visionaries Bob Ellis, John Hingley and Randy Robertson. Bob Ellis is an advisor, investor, and director of Internet companies. From 1997 through 1999 he was the publisher, board member and early investor of (XMCM), and a board member of NBC Internet. During his tenure completed an IPO, secondary financing and a merger with NBC's web properties. Ellis also founded and owned Compact Publishing, which was acquired by The Learning Company in 1994. Prior to Compact Publishing, Ellis was President of TIME-LIFE Software and Vice President of TIME-LIFE Books. John Hingley has over 12 years of direct marketing experience and now serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Yaga, Inc. Hingley also served as Vice President of Direct Marketing and E-Commerce at Mattel and The Learning Company Randy Robertson has over 15 years of marketing experience, with the last seven focused in list brokerage and acquisition marketing for business-to-business mailers, publishers and consumer catalogs. He is corporate Vice President for Paradysz Matera, a list brokerage and direct marketing solutions provider, where he manages brokerage services and new business development for the California division.

About Vertical Response

Based in San Francisco, VerticalResponse was founded by industry veterans who set out to revolutionize email marketing with affordable, easy-to-use products. iBuilder, the first product from VerticalResponse, helps companies of all sizes create and execute email campaigns as well as manage customer contact lists. Built on the self-service model, iBuilder is available directly over the Internet with no software to purchase, maintain and upgrade. Customers can register on the VerticalResponse site and purchase blocks of email credits online with their credit card. For more information about VerticalResponse or iBuilder log onto

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