DNCC Names VerticalResponse Offical Subscription E-Mail Provider For 2008 Democratic National Convention

E-mail Technology to Advance DNCC's Efforts to Engage More People in Convention Experience than Ever Before

DENVER –The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) today named VerticalResponse as the Official Subscription E-mail Provider of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, providing an efficient and user-friendly system to deliver the DNCC's monthly e-mail newsletter, the "Mile High Monthly," and other e-mail updates to people interested in the lead-up to the four-day event as well as the activities and latest news as it happens Convention week. The announcement marks the latest partnership the DNCC has forged in an effort to bring the Convention experience into the homes, computer screens and inboxes of more people than ever before.

"We are so glad VerticalResponse has joined us in our drive to make this the most technologically savvy and inclusive Democratic National Convention of all time," said Leah D. Daughtry, CEO of the DNCC. "Their e-mail platform has a proven track record of delivering fast and accurate electronic correspondence to millions of Americans on a daily basis, so we're fortunate to have them on our team."

As the Official Subscription E-mail Provider, VerticalResponse will supply the infrastructure and technological support to send DNCC emails to a growing list of interested volunteers, members of the media and Convention-watchers worldwide. In addition to sending "Mile High Monthly," VerticalResponse will also provide database and list management tools to help target correspondence to specific communities and audiences around Colorado and the United States.

"A successful Convention, like many large scale events, requires precise and consistent communication that is respectful of the time, preferences and privacy of various constituencies," said Janine Popick, CEO and Founder of VerticalResponse. "With tools that allow the DNCC to ensure its message is effectively targeted, delivered and measured, we're happy to support an effective communications campaign that will help the DNCC take its message to thousands of people across the country."

By sending all newsletters and other announcements electronically, VerticalResponse will also help the DNCC advance its goal of making the Convention the most environmentally sustainable Democratic Convention in history by reducing the overall amount of paper generated during the lead-up to the event.

People interested in receiving "Mile High Monthly" as well as other updates from the DNCC can sign up at www.DemConvention.com.


About the DNCC

The 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee is the official arm of the Democratic National Committee responsible for planning and organizing the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

About VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse, Inc. () is a leading provider of self-service email marketing and direct mail services empowering businesses of all sizes to create, manage and analyze their own direct marketing campaigns. VerticalResponse’s flagship product, which allows customers to deliver sophisticated yet easily deployed email campaigns, is the most intuitive and affordable Web-based direct marketing solution available. VerticalResponse is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For additional information, please visit www.verticalresponse.com.


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