VerticalResponse Online Community Unveiled: Helping Small Businesses Grow Email Marketing Lists

Small Businesses Invited To Share Personal Success Stories For Growing Their Email Marketing List

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– August 9, 2010 – Today marks the launch of a new community resource aimed at small businesses that are interested in growing their email marketing lists—thereby increasing their sales. The VerticalResponse List Building Bank is a community for small businesses to post tips and tricks while learning more about new and improved list building tactics from their peers as well as the experts at email marketing company VerticalResponse. Following on from the success of the VR Marketing Lounge, a community forum for marketers to meet and share their expertise, VerticalResponse has launched this latest forum for small business owners.

"Once a small business decides to add email marketing to their marketing plan, the first question we get asked is 'how do I build my email list?' because customers know that growing their list often results in the overall growth of their business," said VerticalResponse CEO Janine Popick. "So we created a forum for customers, staff and other parties to submit their best practices and winning strategies for expanding the size of the email marketing lists."

The List Building Bank will provide small businesses with the following benefits:

  • A forum to share their success stories and recipe for growing their businesses through email marketing. If applicable, small businesses can also link their business website to their List Building Bank post.
  • Innovative social sharing features that allow small businesses to share their tips via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Delicious.
  • An active community of VerticalResponse staff and customers who moderate the comments section and provide answers to marketing questions.

Small businesses are invited to share their submissions to the List Building Bank from today onwards via the link at: /listbuildingbank/share-a-list-building-tip. Through the List Building Bank and other upcoming initiatives, VerticalResponse will continue to encourage education on successful email list building strategies and empower small businesses to thrive in the current economy.

To learn more about the List Building Bank visit: /listbuildingbank/about

About VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse, Inc. is a leading provider of self-service email marketing, online surveys and direct mail services empowering small businesses to easily create, manage and analyze their own direct marketing campaigns. VerticalResponse bundles email, online surveys and postcards to offer customers an integrated Web-based direct marketing solution that’s intuitive and affordable. VerticalResponse is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For additional information, please visit


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