Demandbase and VerticalResponse Deliver “Pay-As-You-Go” Marketing Mash-up on’s AppExchange customers can acquire leads, convert prospects, and communicate to customers using simple pay-as-you-go model

SAN FRANCISCO – Dreamforce Conference - September 17, 2007 – VerticalResponse today announcedthat Demandbasehas adopted its leading email marketing solution via's AppExchange. Demandbase provides businesses with the first pay-as-you-go service for buying postal marketing lists and sales leads free of subscriptions or minimum order quantities. In less than 30 days, more than 100 companies have started using the service and can now, via the AppExchange, use it along with VerticalResponse's leading email marketing solution for an end-to-end campaign solution. Customers can use this new service to set up a campaign, acquire new prospects, remove duplicates, convert leads, and track the results through Salesforce. What once took weeks can now be done in minutes, and at a fraction of the cost. Built on the platform, VerticalResponse for AppExchange and Demandbase for AppExchange are immediately available for test drive and deployment at The announcement was made today at Dreamforce '07,'s User and Developer Conference.

Demandbase targets more than 10 million sales and marketing professionals in the U.S. When looking for an email service provider, requirements were flexibility, ease-of-use, list segmentation and targeting capabilities, with functionality on deliverability and back-end recording. VerticalResponse met or exceeded all these criteria, and the simple integration of lists, response rates, dashboards and other information directly into Salesforce made it ideal for Demandbase when it came to customer communications and retention.

"VerticalResponse for AppExchange is a perfect solution for Demandbase and our customers. It allows us to integrate all our mission-critical marketing programs into a single place to improve execution – and also gives us visibility into the analytics that substantiate success or failure," said Chris Golec, CEO for Demandbase. "One of our customers just documented a 372 percent increase in email response rates over their historical average using the combined solution. Tighter control over list quality, better segmentation, and more visibility into campaign results are essential to achieving this level of improvement."

"Demandbase is one of hundreds of customers who have accessed us through the AppExchange, and is a perfect example of why the partnership is so successful," said Janine Popick, CEO and founder of VerticalResponse. "Demandbase is able to send thousands of emails directly through us, both for their email newsletter and other customer communications. They are also able to apply the same best practices and know-how to client campaigns whose easy integration in Salesforce is crucial to their incorporation into overall marketing and sales strategy."

"The thousands of installs of hundreds of different on-demand applications clearly demonstrate the incredible momentum of the AppExchange as the world"s on-demand application marketplace," said George Hu, Chief Marketing Officer, "With VerticalResponse for AppExchange, DemandBase has leveraged the power of on demand to increase return on marketing investments while lowering costs. As one of the leading partners on the AppExchange we look to VerticalResponse to continue to drive on-demand innovation for customers."

VerticalResponse team recently created a blog specifically to address the AppExchange community. This blog serves in conjunction with the VerticalResponse Marketing blog, which was awarded the 2006 ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards for Best E-Newsletter Product/Service and Best Business/Marketing Blog. In addition to announcing new features and providing user support, the blog connects users to the many other ways that VerticalResponse communicates with AppExchange customers including newsletters, trade shows, live webinars and live chats.

VerticalResponse, Inc. enables businesses – regardless of size – to create and manage professional-looking email marketing campaigns, without the additional cost of software or the loss of time tracking results. VerticalResponse has distinguished itself in the industry by granting small businesses access to email and direct mail services once restricted to big businesses with equally large budgets. Platform and the AppExchange is the on-demand platform for the next generation of business applications. reinvents traditional customization and integration and enables the creation of a whole new generation of on-demand applications that go beyond client/server computing. allows applications to be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via's AppExchange marketplace, enabling all the innovation that unleashes to benefit the entire on-demand community.

The AppExchange economy continues to expand as thousands of customers have installed thousands of on-demand business applications available on the AppExchange, found at

About VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse, Inc. is a leading provider of self-service email marketing and direct mail services empowering businesses of all sizes to create, manage and analyze their own direct marketing campaigns. VerticalResponse's flagship product, which customers to deliver sophisticated yet easily deployed email campaigns, is the most intuitive and affordable Web-based direct marketing solution available. VerticalResponse is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For additional information, please visit

About Demandbase

Demandbase, Inc. is dedicated to helping businesses achieve superior marketing results. The company's flagship product offers sales and marketing professionals the first pay-as-you-go service for buying B2B marketing lists and sales leads. Customers can access the service online for free and buy business contact information one name at a time from a marketplace of more than 4 million+ business contacts. Demandbase sources data from leading B2B databases and scores each record using a proprietary Performance Index that is based relevancy, data quality, and responsiveness. There are no subscriptions or minimum $ purchases required. More information is available at

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