VerticalResponse Launches Pay-per-Month Pricing to Help Small Business Weather the Downturn

New Pricing and Payment Choices Further Optimized by New List Management Tools to Make Every Small Business More Effective – in Cost and Results

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 28, 2008 -- VerticalResponse, the leading provider of on-demand email marketing and direct mail solutions, today added a pay-per-month pricing option to the current pay-as-you-go option, so small businesses can get the most for their money – no matter what their needs. Monthly pricing options start as low as $10 per month, depending on the size of a customer’s list, and include unlimited email.

VerticalResponse is a key asset for nearly 50,000 small businesses' communications programs, handling billions of emails a year. Customers rely on VerticalResponse for their newsletters, customer loyalty programs, sales and promotions, and many more programs essential to keeping businesses afloat – and profitable – in a weak economy. Now, with the addition of pay-per-month, VerticalResponse’s pricing structures benefit the full range of small business needs.

"Getting your message out to new and existing customers is essential when money is tight. Consumers in a down economy are facing the same pressures as businesses, so now more than ever a business needs to be top of mind when their customers are making purchases," said Janine Popick, CEO and founder of VerticalResponse. "At the same time, growing a list of customers is crucial for growth of any business, so we’ve set out to make sure VerticalResponse is an inexpensive and easy to use option for any small business."

List-size and frequency of mailing can be examined with a VerticalResponse representative to determine which model best suits a business’ need. Monthly email pricing is based on list size, and VerticalResponse has a range of pricing options to suit different list sizes. There are still no contracts or set-up fees, customers can cancel at any time, and those who prepay for 6 months get 10% off, while an annual purchase saves them 15%.

VerticalResponse customers will also benefit from upgraded functionality within list management, including streamlined workflows and a fresh user interface. Among the changes, customers will now be able to easily search for any piece if information within their lists, and mass action options have been improved for easier list management.

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