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Press Releases Selects VerticalResponse, Inc. to Provide Email Marketing to Music Professionals – Announces at SXSW

"The Internet has totally changed the way bands and other performers are able to conduct business, and build audience," said Janine Popick, CEO and founder of VerticalResponse. "Talent now has its fan base spread across Web sites and social networks, builds lists at different venues, and has a variety of ways to keep in touch with various segments of their audiences. VerticalResponse is a great solution to keep in touch with current fans and build a broader database – all with the creative look and feel essential for this type of business."

Award Winning Email Marketing Provider VerticalResponse Partners with Best Selling Business Software Developer PaloAlto Software

"This product is a great launch for small business – because Palo Alto is as passionate about this market as we are at VerticalResponse, and we’re excited to work with them to help expand the number of small businesses using professional email marketing," said Janine Popick, CEO and founder of VerticalResponse. "We’re both dedicated to helping small business not only survive this downturn, but thrive in it. This new partnership will help achieve just that."

Advantage Builds eResults Using VerticalResponse API and Intuit QuickBase – Now the Featured Application in the App Library

"As an emerging cloud integration leader, we are very excited to partner with VerticalResponse to launch eResults. We chose VerticalResponse because their superior core product, easy API, and excellent responsiveness as a partner enabled rapid development, deployment and customer adoption," said Advantage Founder and CEO Scott Wyatt. "Market and customer acceptance of Advantage eResults has been tremendous, because with eResults online connectivity we have been able to take both Intuit QuickBase and VerticalResponse software to the next level, extending core functionality in valuable ways at very low cost. We would recommend working with VerticalResponse to anyone who has a complementary application."

VerticalResponse, Inc. Helps Small Businesses Be Smarter About Marketing

"When the economy is bad, a business’s instinct might be to cut marketing spend, but then they’re hurting sales, stunting growth and otherwise limiting revenue streams. However, as a small business, we understand that every single marketing dollar has to be accounted for, especially when money is tight," said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "With this new level of analytics, customers can determine what is working and what's not, so they can make sure they’re sending out the most effective emails to customers– and eliminating unnecessary spending."

StartupNation and VerticalResponse Let You Pick Top Mom-Run Businesses

"These women are pursuing their passions and taking control of their lives by running businesses while also running their families," said Rich Sloan, co-founder of StartupNation and one of the country’s leading small business experts. "StartupNation is excited to team with VerticalResponse on the first annual Leading Moms in Business ranking and to honor these often overlooked heroes of American entrepreneurship."

VerticalResponse Partners with StartupNation to Provide Comprehensive Marketing Tools to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

"Entrepreneurs have to be well-equipped with tricks-of-the-trade and tools to market their businesses more effectively in this challenging market. It’s our shared goal to provide the resources to make that process as simple as possible, and to support businesses so that they see dramatic results," said Rich Sloan co-founder of StartupNation. "We look forward to featuring Janine Popick in our monthly newsletter and believe our audience of thousands of small business owners will greatly benefit from her sound business advice."

Small Business Asks the New Administration to Focus on the Economic Crisis, VerticalResponse Survey Reports

"The economy has dominated headlines and people's concerns for months, and how the incoming administration will affect small business was a hot topic throughout the election – making Joe the Plumber a household name" said Janine Popick, founder and CEO of VerticalResponse. “Small business is the heart of our country’s economy, and we’ve dedicated our company and product development to cutting time and money out of their marketing costs, to help stimulate small business growth. VerticalResponse is very proud of the work we have done to provide our customers with all of the innovative tools that they need in order to continue seeing their business grow...and took this survey to help extend the voice of small business to Washington."

VerticalResponse & Duct Tape Marketing Partner to Provide Comprehensive Marketing Resource for Small Business Needs

"I've always been a fan of Janine and VerticalResponse, but the tool just keeps getting better and better. We plan on taking full advantage of its expanding feature set when reaching out to the thousands of small businesses we serve," said John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing - The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide and creator of the Duct Tape Marketing system and the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach Network. "What I love most is VR's marketing mindset. This is not simply a tool provided by a vendor; VerticalResponse gets marketing for the small business, so I really enjoy showing small business owners how to use this tool set and connect with this company."

California’s Newer Small Businesses Leverage Social Media to Expand Globally

VerticalResponse used its own survey tool, launched in April, to deliver multiple choice and free-form answers to a subset of its users, and focused its queries around topics often linked to the Golden State: new and emerging media and global presence. The survey questions were left open-ended to learn what else small businesses consider as top issues related to their success and growth. Respondents were divided based on the length of time they’ve been in business; startups (from one to three years), and established businesses (around for more than 10).

CEO of VerticalResponse, Inc. Janine Popick Wins Stevie® Award for Best Entrepreneur of the Year

"Being named a Winner in The Stevie Awards for Women in Business is an important achievement," said Michael Gallagher, president of the Stevie Awards. "It means that independent business executives have agreed that Janine has exemplified superior entrepreneurism. We congratulate all of the Finalists on their achievement and wish them well in the competition."

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