Press Releases

Press Releases

Non-Profits are Free to Grow with Free Email from VerticalResponse, Inc.

"VerticalResponse is committed to fostering community engagement and growth, and non-profits are essential to the well-being of our communities," says Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "We have always supported a number of non-profits as a company, and are happy to give Non-Profit organizations the resources they need to reach out to people who want to hear from them – and to help their organizations grow and the needs of their causes be met!"

VerticalResponse Launches Surveys in Response to High Customer Demand

"The key to any business' success is its customers, and now small businesses have the advantage of really getting to know their customers more," said Janine Popick, VerticalResponse CEO. "VerticalResponse is a crucial element of customer relationship management, and surveys help broaden the dialogue so businesses can respond to customer feedback."

VerticalResponse Ends 2007 With a Bang

"I'm incredibly proud of my team for getting us to where we are today. The tight focus on our customers, and the constant push to improve products and services really show when you look at the year in review," said Janine Popick, founder and CEO of VerticalResponse. "Maintaining VerticalResponse as a great place to work while keeping our collective nose to the grindstone will help us continue to grow."

VerticalResponse, Inc. Upgrades VerticalResponse for AppExchange

"Our presence on the AppExchange is very important to us. We've had amazing success on the AppExchange -- where we've grown 350 percent in just the past year, and we spur that growth by responding to users' requests for more robust integration and additional features," says Janine Popick, CEO and Founder of VerticalResponse. "Last year, we added a dedicated blog to address specific questions and concerns of this segment of our customer base, and this product launch tailors the product even more specifically to the needs of the salespeople on the AppExchange."

Get Vertical: A Marketing Workshop to Boost Your Bottom Line

“Small business owners have one thing in common – they’re passionate about their business and its success, and often have to wear multiple hats,” said Janine Popick, founder and CEO of VerticalResponse. “We’ve designed this series to let small business owners know they can still focus most of their energy on running the business, and VerticalResponse will give them things they need to run the marketing aspects of their business.”

VerticalResponse Wins 2008 Excellence in Technology Award for Online Marketing

“At VerticalResponse, we strive to meet the marketing needs of our customers. We are particularly pleased that this award is voted on by the small businesses we developed our product for seven years ago, and continue listen to as they help us develop new features and services,” says Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. “This award demonstrates that VerticalResponse is more than email, but an effectual marketing solution for small business.”

VerticalResponse Goes on Five-City Tour to Evangelize Email Marketing for Small Business

"We've been able to help tens of thousands of small businesses grow, add customers, and build their brands -- and have designed this program to share the knowledge and experience we've gained to allow others in similar industries to learn from their peers," said Janine Popick, founder and CEO of VerticalResponse. "We know that most small businesses focus all their energy on running the business, so we try to make marketing as easy and effective as possible for them."

VerticalResponse Inc. Adds Industry Changing Capabilities to a Variety of New Partners

“We’ve developed our product to be as broadly applicable as possible, to as many types of small businesses that exist,” said Janine Popick, founder and CEO of VerticalResponse. “Our partner program helps make our product available to those who want to resell another great tool in addition to the ones they already have.”

VerticalResponse Wins Stevie® Award for Fastest Growing Company of the Year

In winning the Stevie, VerticalResponse beat out other finalists including Facelogic International, Inc., Thinkso Creative LLC, and Xsell Resources. Janine Popick was presented the Stevie by a representative of Infiniti. In her accepting the Stevie, Popick said, “The growth we’ve seen at VerticalResponse is due to the amazing team we’ve got working on every aspect of the business – from constant product development, to new and exciting partnerships – and always, unmatched customer support. We also couldn’t have done it without the great group of customers we have – they’re great, and continue to recommend us to friends and colleagues to help us grow.”

Beauty and Brains: VerticalResponse’s New Website Offers More Educational Resources for Customers, and Looks Good Doing It

“This upgrade gives our site much more than a sleeker look. Our goal was to design a user interface for optimum navigation, so that the site is as easy to use as our service,” said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. “We’ve also added tools to ensure that the content of the site reflects what people need to know. We’re fully dedicated to giving small businesses what they need to get the maximum results out of their email marketing efforts, with the least amount of headache. They’ve got other things to focus on – running their business– we take care of the email marketing.”

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