Press Releases

Press Releases

VerticalResponse Launches Quarterly Awards Program To Honor Email Excellence

"As an email marketing company, VerticalResponse knows the importance of creating engaging emails that provide true value to recipients—and also understands that this is directly related to the open and click through rates of their email campaigns," said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "The VerticalResponse 500 honors small businesses who are using email marketing successfully to grow their businesses, because that’s our core mission."

VerticalResponse Expands Social Responsibility Program & Green Initiatives

"VerticalResponse is committed to being a force for good in the community, and we’re thrilled to be able to continue giving back to non-profits and our local community," said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "This year it’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and we are proud to say that at VerticalResponse we are focused on the environment and community groups 365 days a year."

VerticalResponse Achieves 38% Revenue Boost In One Year

"The challenging economy means it’s even more important for small businesses and non profits to use email marketing and survey tools to engage and connect with their customers and continue growing," said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "This year we’re really focused on enhancing our email, survey and direct mail products; and making them even faster and easier for our customers to use."

VerticalResponse Announces Winners Of $10,000 Small Business Competition

"One thing we want to highlight is that all of the top entrants showed their genuine passion for their small business—whether it was based on grilled cheese sandwiches or their love of gardening," said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "Since VerticalResponse is also a small business, we understand the many challenges associated with starting and running a business. We know these entrepreneurs will put the money to good use, and we look forward to watching their progress over the coming months and beyond."

VerticalResponse Announces Shortlist for $10,000 ‘New Deal’ Competition

"When we started this competition, we had decided to list just 10 small business entries, but due to the quality of responses we had to list 30 videos," said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. "We’re so impressed that small businesses have taken time out of their busy days to create videos that highlight their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making their businesses grow and succeed."

VerticalResponse Releases Email Creation Upgrade

"VerticalResponse understands the needs of our small businesses customers, and the unique challenges they face when running their companies," said VerticalResponse’s CEO Janine Popick. "Our product development has always been driven by customer feedback and requests—and this release represents another significant milestone in the affordable marketing tools we offer to the small business space."

VerticalResponse Inc. Announces Business Association Program, With 10,000 Free Emails Per Month

"VerticalResponse has helped me grow the Silicon Valley SBDC and keep in touch with members and clients," said Patrick Cook, Director of the Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center. "We’re excited to extend this great discount to our members so they can easily create emails to grow their small businesses."

VerticalResponse for Google Apps Now Available Through the Google Apps Marketplace

"I currently have 15 clients who are using Google Apps and VerticalResponse separately and today’s news will lead to huge gains in productivity and overall ease of use by offering a seamless integration between both services," said David Mercer, President and CEO, of David Mercer Consulting, Inc. "I've been a huge fan of VerticalResponse since 2007, and have always found them to be extremely customer-focused and reliable when it comes to getting my client's email campaigns delivered. This is great news for resellers."

VerticalResponse Wins The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Blue Ribbon Small Business Award

"This year’s recipients of the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award are proof that the American entrepreneurial spirit is as strong as ever," said Thomas J. Donohue, U.S. Chamber president and CEO, in a press release. "We’re relying on small businesses to lead us out of this recession, create new jobs, and get our economy moving again, and these companies are leading the way."

Grand River and VerticalResponse Inc. Partner to Provide Email Marketing for Discount Office Supplies’ 100,000 customers

"We have been testing options that enable our email campaigns to be more targeted, and ultimately perform better. VerticalResponse was incredibly easy to deploy and allows us to show clients the business value of their email marketing campaigns," said Scott Robertson, Managing Partner, at Grand River. "Very few email marketing providers see the value of analytics tracking, and VerticalResponse allows us to provide the most cost effective email marketing services for our customers."

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