Social Responsibility

Giving back and running a thoughtful operation is a journey - not a destination - for us.

Conscientious Office Management

Our building was awarded LEED certification in 2009 and was granted an Energy Star label for four consecutive years for operating efficiency.

We provide reusable items like water bottles and coffee mugs to our employees and never stock disposable utensils or dishes.

Our employees are educated on how to recycle and compost properly in our new hire orientations.

We admit to being food and drink snobs, and buy fair trade coffee that’s delivered by bike, get local and organic fruit deliveries every week, and purchase the best local bagels available every Monday – all on the house.

When we have to print or use paper items, they are always made from recycled, 100 percent post-consumer materials. Our printers default to print double-sided.

We have regular e-cycle drives to ensure that all used batteries, CFLs, old electronics and any e-waste will either be donated or e-cycled in an environmentally responsible way.

Our employees receive pre-tax transportation benefits when they take public transit.

We've got a great, sunny view and don't like to work with the lights on.

Every year we offset our carbon emissions by buying renewable energy certificates through NativeEnergy that meet 100 percent of our electricity use. We are an EPA Green Power Partner and ranked on their Top Partner list.

Affecting Change in our Local, National and World Community

Our team loves to get out during the workweek and give back to the community. Recent volunteer events include Project Homeless Connect, the San Francisco Food Bank and Literacy for Environmental Justice.

We have quarterly offsite “drink and donate” parties, where employees gather for fun times and to raise funds for various organizations. Recently, we’ve held successful donation drives for GLIDE and the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Unfortunate natural disasters happen around the world, and when they do, we often pitch in with a donation from the company in addition to matching employee contributions. In fact, we match all employee donations to charities of their choice.

We run food and clothing drives to help those who are less fortunate.

At the end of each year, we let our employees and top volunteers donate $10,000 of company money to charities and organizations of their choosing.

And, of course, all non-profit organizations email for free with VerticalResponse, and receive big discounts on our social media marketing, surveys and direct mail tools. It’s the least we can do to support organizations that are doing amazing things every day.