I asked our Conversion Marketing Coordinator Megan Buell to tell me a little bit about the nuggets that she has uncovered to convert our free “trialers” or “prospects” to paying customers.

Her number one goal is to make sure that those prospects have a stress free and simple experience. How does she do this? One big way is that she uses email on a daily basis (the new canvas editor is her favorite!) to communicate with our own prospects when they first start testing out VerticalResponse. Here are a few email marketing tips she uses that are effective in getting our new leads started successfully.

  1. Tell ‘em what they need to know: You want to deliver a succinct message. So in your first few email marketing messages you don’t need to tell your recipients ALL about your company, or ALL about the different products you offer. Tell them only what they need to know to get them where you want them to be. For example, I like to include video or text tutorials that will help new users through creating their first email. You might have a video about a specific product or service you offer that you’d like to highlight. Videos are a great way to showcase them.
  2. Keep it Simple! Don’t send your recipients in multiple different directions – “Go Here”, “Buy Now”, “Get Started”, “Do That”, “Read More.” Be specific and think about what you want them to do and tell them to do it. If you ask them to take multiple different actions, you could overwhelm them and loose them in the short run.
  3. Credibility goes a long way: Remind these prospective customers that you’re a credible company with many happy customers by including a testimonial. A customer quote that is short, sweet and gets the point across goes a long way.

Bottom line is that you want a prospect to try your product or service or make a purchase so your first few emails should get them on the quickest path. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they need to do and when they need to do it, then tell them to do it and make it easy for them to get where you want them to go.

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