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Using compelling images in your emails, blog posts, pins, Facebook status updates, and of course, on Instagram, the hippest social network around, is crucial in these image-centric times. But how can you set your pictures apart from the millions of other photos? We’ve got five photo apps that’ll make your pictures pop, and your friends jealous of your mad image skills.

1.Overgram and Over HD by Potluck (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only)

Photo apps Photo apps - The Over App

Overgram is a free iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app that allows you to drop stylistic type “over” your photo. It includes 10 fonts and will place a watermark on your image. If you’d like to remove the watermark, you can complete a quick $.99 in-app purchase and it will be removed. If you’d like more fonts (more than 225 to be exact), the ability to choose from a variety of stock backgrounds and additional customization options, you can download the more robust Over HD app for $1.99. The other huge difference with Over HD is that it has the ability to share your tricked out photos on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Instagram.

2. Diptic by Peak Systems (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android)

Photo Apps - Diptic App

Diptic allows you to edit and mash up photos to create incredible collages. They can then be quickly shared on your social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Posterous. The editing functions include 165 layouts for up to 9 photos in one collage, text captions, 14 different filters and the ability to round the borders with very distinctive textures. You get all this functionality for only $.99.

3. Color Splash by Pocket Pixel Inc. (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only)

Photo Apps - Color Splash App

Using your finger to highlight the areas you’d like to add a “splash” of color to, the $.99 Color Splash app lets you effortlessly bring a dramatic look to your photos. By switching the photo to black and white through a filter, you have the ability to “brush off” the drab and highlight the color of the original photo. This focuses the attention of your audience to that particular piece of the photo. While this specific app is not available for Android, there are three others that are similar including Color Splash FX (Free), Color Splash Effect (Free) and Color Touch Effects (Free).

4. LensLight by BrainFeverMedia (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only)

Photo Apps - LensLight App

Another $.99 cent photo app, LensLight is a must for anyone who wants to add cool lighting effects to their Instagram pics. With the ability to choose from four different lighting effects including Bokeh, LensFlares, Light Leaks and Spotlights, your friends will think you’re moonlighting as a professional photographer. In addition to the above mentioned effects, you can further customize your photos using the provided lens textures.

5. AutoStitch Panorama by Cloudburst Research (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only)

Photo Apps - AutoStitch Panorama App

AutoStitch Panorama is a high-quality panorama app worth every bit of the $1.99 price tag. With the ability to stitch photos in any order, including vertical or horizontal, the app can generate gorgeous wide-angle panoramas of up to 18 megapixels, with no visible seams. Like other apps we’ve shared above, the app isn’t available for the Android platform, but the Photaf Panorama (free) is a somewhat comparable app available at the Google Play store.

There you have 5 cool photo apps that’ll give your pics extra mojo. Have any faves of your own?

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