I WANT YOU - TO PAY YOUR TAXESThat dreaded day where we ask Uncle Sam to take money from us in the U.S. is a few  months away. If you run a business you can have some fun with some offers around this day while hopefully making some money! Here are a few ideas for offers you can use for your business.

Use The Number “15” – Since tax day is on April 15th, you can give 15% off to either everyone or to your email marketing list exclusively. You might even get people to join your list just to get the 15% off. If you’ve got a retail location, you can ask for your customer’s email address at the register, and then give 15% off. Another idea is to use both the numbers “4” and “15” in your offer, so if you sell something near the $5 or $500 price point you could discount it to $4.15 or $415.

Use Tax Form Numbers: Last year Papa John’s had a Tax Day Pizza Special – They offered a large cheese pizza and customers could add up to three free toppings for only $10.40 when they order online. Customers had to use the promo code 1040M, the number of a tax form. Clever!

Wine.com had an offer where customers could save $10.40 on $99 or more by entering code TAXSAVINGS at

Calm the Stress of Paying the Government – I saw a day spa offer a free massage on tax day to help work out tax day stress. Customers had to print the coupon and take it
with them. You could either use this for your best customers as a “thank you” to get new potential customers in the door.

Offer to Pay the Sales Tax for Your Customers – If you can, launch a tax-free sale with the message, “Tax Season Special – We’ll pick up the Sales Tax” if customers order or buy by April 15.

“Use Your Refund” Sale – Encourage your early-bird filers to use their refunds for a great discount.

You can start your Tax Season email marketing campaign now to capitalize on getting as much business as you can in the next two months. Then give a bigger offer on Tax Day itself to get your last big bang!

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