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SEO RocketSearch algorithms seem to change more frequently than the latest fashion trends. Although the Panda and Penguin updates have received lots of the attention lately, experts say that Google alone makes adjustments to their algorithm several hundred times per year. Every time Google makes another update there’s a mini-panic from webmasters and small business owners – “oh no, now what?!?”

Take a deep breath and stay calm because there are some things in SEO that stay consistent. Here are five SEO constant concepts to consider and build upon:

1. Build your site for people, not for ad dollars or search engines. When creating your site, remember who you’re building it for. Don’t bombard your visitors with too many ads or anything other than what will provide a positive user experience. Don’t make them click “next” 25 times to see 25 ways to make Ramen. Put your readers first and deliver the user experience they’re looking for. This improves bounce rate, repeat viewers and, maybe you’ll get a new newsletter subscriber (if you have your opt-in form on a page), which could lead to sales.

2. Be a resource. There’s no Candyland slide for good content. Create content that will reach your desired audience. Make useful pages that educate and inform, and ensure that it’s easy for viewers to navigate and find what they’re looking for. Teach, share and most importantly, don’t limit your site to just selling. Show some personality, your artsy side and/or spread knowledge through guides, articles and examples. Show Google what a good resource you are by including outbound links, plenty of images and even a video or two. Don’t forget to include social sharing icons so your website visitors can easily share all your great content with their own social networks!

3. Use Keywords. Use relevant keywords in copy that users may use in search to find you. Unsure what they are? Check the AdWords keyword tool for ideas. Don’t over-optimize by stuffing these terms too much throughout the copy (remember #1 above). Include it only where it makes sense when reading. Include it in the page title, description and throughout the copy a few times. You can also include it in the image name if it’s relevant, as well as the alt tag attribute.

4. Don’t cheat. I’m a firm believer in playing fair. If you don’t want to get de-listed or bumped down to page 50+, be a white hatter (aka – do the right thing). Don’t spam, keyword stuff, buy links, cookie stuff, create fake profiles, buy “likes” or any other shady tactics. The last thing you want is to have your site to be removed from the Google index. Yes, this does happen!

5. Get links. Put your wallet away, you don’t need to buy links. The right way to get links is to create link-worthy material. You can create guides, infographics, interactive calculators, a unique article, comparison charts, an illustration, a storytelling photograph or dozens of other content types.  No matter what it is – the more thought and care you put into it the better. Another great way to gain new links is to guest-post on a blog relevant to your brand’s services or products.

These five simple concepts have been consistent in SEO for the last 10 years and will most likely hold true for many more. Although this generally means working harder than some folks, rest assured you won’t be banned, blocked or have to duplicate your efforts to regain visibility.Learn more about webmaster best practices.

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  • Daniel Maul


    Nice tips, maybe add some google places and other things like that, and remember don’t cheat.

    Best regards
    Daniel Maul

  • Daniel Maul

    Great tips, I’ll try some of the things right away.

    But as you say, always create great content and always for people and not spiders!

    Best regards

    Daniel Maul

  • Scott Jarvis

    Great advice here! I think social sharing signals are going to be a big factor in ranking throughout this year. Having awesome content is the best way to get people to share. That and don’t forget to ask them to share!

  • DorianA

    Very true. A website’s aim should be relevant content for its visitors. The rest will come along.

  • Richard Santos

    Jason – I agree with your statement “If your site isn’t build for people, then people won’t stay”, but I will take it a step further. You need to build your site for the right people. People will only stay on your site if your have content that they’re interested in. So, the first thing is to know who your audience is (I’m sure you’ve heard this so many times), but I strongly believe that’s the key.

  • Tom Parker

    I have one more. Maybe this one should be called a ‘+1’! SEO for a local biz includes the above, but it’s also a slightly different animal. It’s important to have your Google Local(Places) profile claimed and optimized, as well as have complete profiles in other local directories/social sites. ie Yelp, CitySearch, SuperPages, YP, etc. And, two recent studies suggest that Google actually gives more weight to Facebook ‘likes’, share’s, etc, to their own G+ platform. So, definitely have a Facebook Biz page. That goes for non-local business too. Be Social, it counts!

  • Karen Ripple

    Thanks for reinforcing what I’ve been telling my clients for years. Unfortunately small businesses are often overwhelmed by high pressure sales tactics to purchase “services” that are counter-productive in their search for the ever elusive “top 10 ranking”.

  • Tim Holmes

    Totally agree, over optimisation was a big nail in many websites coffins when the inital Penguin Algorithm update was release in April, it resulted in many overly optimised sites dropping extremely quickly off the radar.
    Natural content that is written for the reader as opposed to for spiders is the way to go.
    Great post. :o)

  • Scott

    Thanks for reinforcing these time tested proven techniques. Quality content makes everyone happy!

  • john nelson

    These are very good points as they relate to SEO and how we should conduct our business. I agree that posting great content is number one and having a BLOG site where you post about your work, your life, your successes and failures and how to’s that help people –
    I appreciate the points you made on the value of doing things for humans – not spiders!!
    Have a super day
    John Nelson – Keller Williams Realtor –

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