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Here’s a quickie! I’ve been looking at a bunch of people who are doing a great job publishing their email marketing campaigns out to the web with a hosted version of the email, then using the subject line as their content for Twitter and Facebook.

For the most part your subject line is a great thing to publish, but here is something to think about when you do this. Think about all of the people who see your Tweet but don’t know who you are, what it’s about and don’t want to click on your link.SpaGoddess Tweet

I’ve seen some of the following Tweets come through recently:

  • March Newsletter
  • Check Out Our Sale
  • Best Buys for March
  • Let’s See Your Collection

These are all fine subject lines for an email campaign, especially if your email From Label is recognizable to the list you’re mailing and they are expecting your message.

However it’s a bit different when you put your message out to Twitter and Facebook. There are people that might not be a customer, or be on your list. Heck, they may not know who you are. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself! You might try this on for those that don’t know you:

  • March News from the Hingley Foundation to Cure Ailments
  • Check Out Our Jewelry Sale
  • Best buys on dog food for March
  • Let’s see your collection of antique cocktail shakers

So your subject line is a great START, but make sure when you use your email marketing subject line in your social media campaigns you include your company name or the message you’re trying to get across.

Do you have any good experiences changing your subject line for social media?

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  • Patrick Long

    Good point about subject lines! I like your idea about making Subject lines more attractive to people using Social media.. It’s also true that subject lines are great start.

  • dave decker jr

    great idea! thanks for your helpful resource, a friend asked me today how we did our great newsletter, and i sent them your way 🙂

  • Zora Phoenix

    I add a static link at the end of my email subject lines that go to a copy of the full email I host on my website, so that it’s always available on Facebook, Twitter or wherever I port the link out to, in this format “Events of 03/15-03/24 []”
    It works like a charm since the full email isn’t sent to 3rd party services.

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