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It’s almost been a year since we launched our free Social Sharing feature, and we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of this friendly feature.

Be a Friend and Share Your Emails on Twitter and FacebookA quick rundown of social sharing is that it integrates email and social media by allowing you to share your emails on Facebook and Twitter directly from your VerticalResponse account! There are many benefits to social sharing, such as; expanding your email reach, gaining new customers & growing your email list, sharing news with your friends and followers, and generally strengthening your email marketing by enhancing it with social media.

To social share your emails you will need to link your VR account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. But don’t worry – it’s easy! Watch our video that walks you through the steps on how to share a sent email on Facebook and Twitter. To update the Facebook Page for your Business, copy the URL from the social share window and paste that into the status update. Be sure to add a punchy subject line to get people to click on the link!

5 simple steps to social sharing:

  1. Click on the name of a sent email.
  2. Select the Share Email option under the Email Actions on the left.
  3. A new window will open with an automatically generated link to your email.
  4. Write any copy you would like to include along with the link to your email in the Post section. This is what will appear on your social networks.
  5. Select the boxes to post to Twitter and/or Facebook and then click the Share Email button.

Be a Friend and Share Your Emails on Twitter and FacebookBe a Friend and Share Your Emails on Twitter and Facebook

Congrats, you’ve shared your email with your friends, customers and prospects on your social networks! Your mom would be proud.

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  • verticalresponse

    Hi Jason, thanks for your comment. You bring up a good point and a valid question, but vendor lock-in is a non-issue here. Even if a customer stops buying credits and emailing with VR, the account itself is not terminated. Therefore, these hosted urls will always be active regardless of what ESP the customer moves on to. As for SEO optimization, sure, the vresp url will be boosted, but many of our customers host the links on their own site as well, in an archive context and their customers access them by visiting the customer site first.
    Hope this helps to clear up any confusion. Cheers!

  • jason stevens

    Ummm….yes, it is great. BUT:
    * This optimizes your URL; not our ours. Are you not siphoning traffic away from our site by doing this and affecting SEO for your client?
    * What happens if a customer ever terminates with VR; all these ‘hosted’ urls will be shut down affecting all socially shared links?
    I think its important you educated your customers on ‘vendor-lockin’. I completely understand your motives for doing this and its a cool feature, but long term is it really great for your customers?

  • Andy

    This is a great feature. Thanks.
    One nice automation feature would be to set a message to auto share on FB/T after it launches, instead of having to go into sent emails, and manually sending it to FB/T.

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