Your super cool customer Chaz is at work right now at his advertising agency. He is sifting through his morning email and comes upon yours. He doesn’t have time to look at it right now but your subject line didn’t really catch him. He saves it for later…maybe.

Because Chaz is awesome and is “in the know” he also follows you on Facebook. He likes to go through his newsfeed in the evening before he hits the clubs to find out who is where, when. He sees a very cool picture you posted and decides to “like” it.

Chaz has a friend following of over 1000 friends (after all he’s pretty cool) so when he likes your pic, 300 of his friends actually see it, 50 of them click on it to see what Chaz is liking and 20 of them like it too (Chaz groupees.)

And so it starts the cycle all over again, your message in front of Chaz’s friends, and their friends and so on, and so on. You need to be where Chaz is, everywhere.

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