HolidayI recently received an email from a local florist here in the Bay Area and I thought I’d share this quick post. Since I’ve purchased from them before, I wasn’t surprised to hear from them.

Dear Janine,

Good morning! Just a reminder that today is Boss’s Day, and this week is Boss’s Week (October 17-21).

Remember to do something for that special boss! We have very nice orchids in planters this week for that very special person and all of our arrangements are available for fast delivery. If you place your order directly online through our website at then you should also use discount code ‘boss’ for an extra $5 off ! Just type in the discount code into the Discount Code box after clicking the BUY button when checking out. The website will calculate your $5 off automatically.

Thank you again for your patronage! We really appreciate your business!!

Family Owner

Rossi & Rovetti Flowers

I didn’t know it was Boss’s day, so if my boss and I weren’t getting along and I needed to brown nose a bit…perfect! I would have probably used a nice template with a pic of the featured flowers instead of a text email, but it still got my attention. One other thing, since he didn’t use an Email Service Provider, he’ll never know if I opened the email or clicked on a link and he certainly isn’t providing me a way to unsubscribe.

A week later they also reminded me that I had sent flowers to a friend the year before for her birthday and wondered if I wanted to send some to the same person again. First of all, a great way to remind people of an upcoming event. And secondly that’s a powerful way to use data they had collected from their customers.

What holidays (other than the obvious) have you been able to use to sell?

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