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A Getting Started Guide for Google+

March 6th, 2013 | by VerticalResponse

As a business, you can create a Google+ Page and build a community around it. This not only gives you the benefit of connecting your business with potential customers, but also boosts your website's placement in Google-powered search engine results

Small Business Guide to Twitter

February 21st, 2013 | by VerticalResponse

Twitter is a great way for small businesses to build a following, announce news or promotions and respond to customer questions, or even complaints. Being succinct in your tweeting is absolutely essential on this platform. We give you the basics to getting started in this guide

How Pinterest Works for Your Business

February 21st, 2013 | by VerticalResponse

You may be wondering how pinning pretty pictures on a virtual board can help you grow your business? Learn how to get started in this helpful guide

Getting Started with Facebook

February 21st, 2013 | by VerticalResponse

In this short guide, you'll learn how to create an effective Facebook presence and have plenty of time to run your real-world business

Making Your Emails Mobile Friendly

January 7th, 2013 | by VerticalResponse

If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile reading, you’re losing out! Check out these eight tips to help you create effective mobile-friendly emails

8 Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

January 7th, 2013 | by VerticalResponse

Email marketing is one of the hottest tools for growing your business. Keep these eight email marketing tips in mind when you’re sending out your next email campaign

5 Copywriting Tips to Become a Pro

January 7th, 2013 | by VerticalResponse

Copywriting is a huge part of marketing. Creating copy that gets people excited isn't as tough as it might seem; follow these five tips and be a copywriting hero!

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