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Cottonelle toilet paper probably doesn’t get a chance to really engage with their customers other than the cooky advertising they do on TV. You know the ones with the bears? But they’ve done something really great to engage with their customers that involves TV, surveys and social media.

Which Way Do You Roll?

The Cottonelle Roll Poll is one simple question; “Which way do you roll, over or under?”

They mix it up when it comes to marketing too:

Website – It’s fun, inviting and easy to navigate.

Interactive – There’s a RollPoll Throwdown where you can pick two videos of people who disagree.

Video – They have videos of people talking about which way they roll

Social Links

Map – They’re tracking the way people are voting…what’s up with California, the only state leaning towards “under”?

Facebook – You can see what people are saying on Facebook and “Become a Fan” right from their site.

Twitter – You can see what the RollPollPlumber is saying on Twitter and follow him.

Share – You can post to your own social media outlets.

Email Marketing – After a bit of a search, I did find a newsletter sign up form on their site, although I’ve not yet received an email.

I thought it was a great example of a company doing a nice integrated promotion. Can you use a technique like this to generate buzz for your business?  Let me know what you think.

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  • John Ward

    I know that they have really tried something great to engage with their customers that involves TV, surveys and social media, but it seems that toilet paper would not be a dinner party topic for most people.

  • Oliver Allen

    Just recently I have learned that in order to take your internet business vertically higher is by the use of video marketing. It works and I have not looked back. Video marketing is a must have tool for your business or service.

  • Luke C

    As an integrated campaign, yes it is thorough but as a conceptual campaign, it’s just noise. Noise meant to drive brand awareness but without any substance. It’s either fun or ironic, neither of which are qualities I imagine many people associate nor want to associate with their toilet paper.

  • RollPollCatLady

    Hey! What about me?!

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