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What’s been going on behind the scenes at VerticalResponse for the last year? In the last 12 months we’ve devoted a ton of time and  resources toward the long-term growth, security and scalability of our application. I know this may not be completely apparent to you, but it’s these types of projects that enable VerticalResponse to be in a great position to serve your needs — now and in the future.

VR Template Dashboard

Our mission has always been to provide you with the best overall user experience and we know that you expect a product that is always reliable andsecure. So thanks for being patient with us while we tackled these “under the hood” projects. We’re really excited about the position we’re in and how we can continue to support your needs.That said, we have some very exciting news to share!We’ve just released our Email Creation Upgrade  and it’s now available within your VerticalResponse account. This big release was driven by your great feedback and product input and we think you’re going to love the results. With a new and improved email marketing creation process, creating and sending email campaigns has never been easier.

VR Build Your Own Email

Here are some great new features of the Email Creation Upgrade:

  • New Email Wizard Editor: Drag and drop formatting and inline editing provides more control over the design of your email
  • Email Wizard Made Easy: Easily add columns, port your existing Wizard emails to the new upgrade, and add links anywhere in your emails
  • Streamlined Email Creation: Fewer clicks, less steps and a faster way to create and send your emails
  • Hundreds of pre-designed templates: Get started in no time with our professionally designed templates
  • Image Editing with Picnik: We’ve integrated with Google’s world-class image editing app for powerful editing features
  • Tips and Best Practices: Need help along the way? Check out our new tips sprinkled throughout the app
  • Auto-Save: Turn this on and we’ll automatically save your work every 30 seconds
  • Additional Browser Support: Create great looking emails using Safari and Chrome
  • Copy & Paste from MS Word: Drop your content in our “Paste from Word” feature and we’ll handle the formatting

Check out our new tutorial about how to use the new Email Wizard.

So let us know what you think about these new product features!

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  • Joseph Hadley

    I was just using the VR Chat support to ask if either Email Wizard or Email Canvas were compatible with Safari. I was told that they are not compatible. I thought one of the upgrades you were promoting was this kind of compatibility. I was informed that unless I used Firefox, I would run into problems. Has there been any meaningful progress here or is the Chat Support person correct?

  • Jeremy

    Josh, sure go a head and contact me… checking back here isn’t so convenient for me. If you were in my place what would be your next step in seeing VR adopt these features?

  • Joshuafeinberg

    Hi Laurence,
    Great feedback here, thanks for sharing.
    The ability to create an email and save it as a template is on our product backlog and we’ll be looking to get this released later in the year. It will be a huge time-saver for new and experienced users and in your case, someone who is working on behalf of other clients.
    Let me check on the other request about locking down some of the content as I know we’ve discussed this idea in the past. I’d want to get some specifics on what the options might be for Email Wizard and Email Canvas editor types.
    Josh Feinberg
    VP, Product Management
    twitter: joshuafeinberg

  • Joshuafeinberg

    Thanks for your post. This is definitely something we hear a lot and we’ve been discussing internally the best way we might go about implementing this in a future release.
    I don’t have an exact time frame to provide you but we’ll update the VR Product Blog with specifics as we nail down some of the key details. Can we ping you down the road for user feedback on this to make sure we’re meeting your needs?
    Josh Feinberg
    VP, Product Management
    twitter: joshuafeinberg

  • Jeremy

    I’d like to see a ‘update my profile’ like at the bottom of VR emails, rather than only a unsubscribe link.
    This would help retain subscribers in two ways: a) if they’re changing their email address & b) if they want to removed themselves from one of the lists they are on rather than a complete removal – ie, keep receiving a monthly newsletter but opt out of a more specific alert email.
    Can I expect VR to enable this kind of feature?

  • Laurence Rabino

    Since custom templates are the hype this days, It would be so cool if VR could implement/add a template instead of creating a duplicate each time.
    Also, it would be very cool to have lock regions that client cannot change.
    The reason why I am asking this is that, We have a client that sends out a massive amount of e-blast in a year and I have to generate 6 different template every-time and has to fix spacings after they are done….

  • Aman Sanjaya

    Thanks for the inspiration, i need help along the way for tips and best practices.

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