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In this episode of Facebook Friday, we discuss a recent article that explores the gray market of buying likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Is buying fans the right tactic for you and your business?


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  • jenny hegedus

    I am a small business and have a facebook page and was encouraged to “boost my post” or “get more likes for your page”. Of course I wanted this because we are a restaurant less than 6 months old at the time, struggling to get our name out there. so we filled in all the criteria and I began to notice that I had likes from Malaysia. I also was having huge amounts deducted from my bank account. When I tried to query it eg. please forward an itemised account explaining how much was spent and when etc I could not find one single area where I could have a discussion with someone or get my query answered. i have sent numerous queries to their contact page but so far nothing. I took my details of their account page so I still owe them money but I want an itemised account for the debt. So be wary of Facebook. Of course we miss being able to boost our posts and it has affected our business but we are going to source other ways of advertising now.

  • Elaine Pritchard

    I was recently trying to persuade a local small business not to buy Page likes from a click farm but her angle on it was that as a fairly new business she felt she needed to quickly ‘look’ established with a reasonably sized following in order for ‘real’ people to take her seriously. She saw buying FB followers as a shortcut to kick start her presence on the platform.

  • michael

    I get the feeling you don’t dig the idea, although it’s not clear why. 😉

    As with boosting twitter followers, you have to ask yourself why you would do that. What is the goal behind it? These likes are perfectly useless as they will not engage in anyway with your posts. So if you want a bigger number to show up on your page, that’s fine. But for anything else, it serves no purpose that I can think of.

    Does anyone have a comment in favour of buying page likes randomly?

    Having said that, it’s important to distinguish between this and the process of promoting a post or page within Facebook to attract likes – a process that can be useful.

  • Hermi1

    We’ve noticed one of our competitors with a ludicrous number of followers/likes, near impossible for the amount of people in our industry… after seeing this I would almost guarantee they are buying likes. Seems silly when those people won’t be the ones to use your services/products, but I guess it creates the appearance that you’re bigger than you are.

  • James Doyle

    I think, like one of you guys said, many smaller businesses feel pressured into doing this sort of thing. I know many of the people that go to my pages don’t engage but will judge the value of your business by how many follower, likes, + etc you have. and if you are a niche market small business you don’t always have a large customer base anyway.

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