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Weidner TestimonialWe’ve been having some really good luck in our marketing campaigns when we feature a customer. It’s always great to have customer testimonials since the best way to sell your product or service is to have your customers do it for you.

Here are 5 ways you can use customer testimonials to grow your business.

1. Facebook Page – If you market to consumers, every week post a customer’s testimonial or if they own a business try posting a link to their website with their testimonial. If they comment or “like” you for doing this, you’ll be in front of all of their friends too.

2. Blog – Every month or so, why not feature one of your customers on your blog. Feature them saying something nice about your business. If they run a business, make sure you feature their URL as well.

3. Email Marketing – We’re having some fun featuring our customers in our newsletter. We like to do that to help them grow,  and in return they forward the emails to their friends. This way, we get in front of more potential customers.

4. Online Community – Feature one of your community members who are actively participating in conversations in your online forums and posts. They may tell all of their friends to check out their feature and you’ll get your business in front of more people.

5. Your Website – Publish a different testimonial in each page of your site. It’s a great way to show the depth of your customer base, not to mention, if you’ve got a lot of different types of customers chances are that a prospect will identify with one.

And a lot of your customers won’t mind being featured either. Are you using customer testimonials?

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  • marketing solutions sydney

    I think featuring former customers who have positive feedback regarding your business is a great way of selling your business. This way, when future clients see feedback from your former clients, the positive feedback will seem more believable because of the testimonials.

  • Mark

    Absolutely – entire industries like infomercials are based on testimonials, case studies and customer stories.
    Excellent ideas for using testimonials online – thanks.
    I really like the Facebook strategy – haven’t heard that one before. Good way to tap into the customer’s friends list.

  • Leane

    Ok, this sounds really dumb, but … We’ve been wanting to use testimonials but since live customer interaction comes from phone orders we’re not sure how to turn their comments into usable stuff. We don’t have a specific area on our website asking for service related comments.

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