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Published on January 2nd, 2013 | by VerticalResponse


See How Food & Wine Mag Uses Content to Boost Email Marketing

It’s no lie that tons of publishers are flocking to the Internet to replace their printed mags and papers. Just look at Newsweek fortheluvagod. Digital = faster, better & cheaper and there’s no better way to get people to your site than email marketing.

So we recently got a great email from Food & Wine Magazine where they offered a download of a ton of lip-smacking recipes in exchange for an email address so they could start sending email marketing campaigns right to our inbox. Why? We’re pretty sure they’ll supplement ad revenue with more eyeballs, that’s our guess. Great idea.

Here is the email we got, short sweet and to the point.

content marketing & email marketing from Food & Wine Magazine

Here is the stellar email marketing campaign we got from Food & Wine!

Here is the landing page we went to, we’d rather get email marketing with their delectable pics and recipes than kill trees getting the paper magazine. That’s just us.

content marketing & email marketing from Food & Wine Magazine

Here is the landing page where we immediately gave them our email address. Free gift? Bonus!

What are you using to build your email marketing list? Do you have any great content you can share?

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