Our buddy Andy Sernovitz puts on the fantastic show “Word of Mouth Supergenius Show” each year. We’ve gone to it, and we love it so we’re using a word of mouth tactic and telling the world! This year it’s in New York City on July 20th. One great day packed with incredible information.

Andy has given us our own code and I’m sharing it with you: VERTICALRESPSENTME will take $155 off registration. Andy’s promise: You’ll use what you learn to get more business the very next day, without spending money. He’ll deliver on that promise, I’m sure.Get simple, hands-on advice from people who’ve really done it. This is a practical, you-can-do-it, blow-your-mind-with-results kind of day.Make it work for you with real-world case studies from companies just like yours. Make it work with no budget — just brains, vision, energy, and a compelling reason for people to talk about you.You’re going to learn how love and happiness bring in more customers. And I guarantee you’ll feel lovelier and happier when you get more sales while spending much less on marketing. You’ll learn the 12 essential word of mouth skills to run an effective word of mouth marketing program.

  1. How to be Awesome on Twitter and Facebook
  2. How to Respond to Feedback, Posts, Comments, and Tweets
  3. How to Stay Ethical and Out of Trouble
  4. How to Create Offline Word of Mouth
  5. How to Create and Promote Your Blog
  6. How to Work with Online Reviews
  7. How to Create Buzzworthy Topics
  8. How to Create Word of Mouth on Zero Budget
  9. How to Inspire WOM with Customer Service
  10. How to Work with Bloggers and Influencers
  11. How to Measure Word of Mouth
  12. How to Create a Fan Community

We’ve talked about so many of these topics, but at this show you’ll hear real-world examples of how it worked for real-world businesses. See you there!

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