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Your logo is a big part of branding your business. It’s a visual cue for your customers and prospects to know they’re reading the right email, are on the right Facebook page or have hit the right website. Have you ever thought about getting your logo holiday ready?

Changing up your logo can be fun, for you and your customers, and it can bring a fresh look to your website, email, or any holiday marketing you’re doing. Almost everyone is familiar with Google doodles, where Google changes up their logo for a specific holiday or celebration.
Custom Logo custom logo - Google

And what about Starbucks and their holiday red cups? A signature color and holiday style marks the official start of the holiday season and sets off their logo nicely.

custom logo

Now you can add a little holiday panache to your logo and it’s easy to do! Deluxe has a deal to trick out your logo for a low price. And, if you want an email template to go with it, they can do that as well. Here are a couple of examples of how you can make your logo more festive for the holidays.

custom logo

custom logo

And, if you’re just starting out and need a little logo help, that’s available as well. Check out the logo they created for Speed Metal:

custom logo

You can add a little flair or go all out, it’s all up to you!  For more info, head on over to our info packed page here. Plus, get even more holiday marketing goodies at our Everything Holiday site!

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