An infographic is just an easy way to display complex info. We use them every day and don’t even think about it! A road sign, a map, a subway system, they are all forms of them. And what we’re seeing these days in consumer publications, trade pubs and smattered over Pinterest are fun ways to display data we’re interested in.

Start With a Survey!

1. Make sure you know what you want to get out of your infographic to know what you want to ask your survey takers. One way to do it is this; If you want to highlight a new service or product you provide, you’ll want to ask questions about the problems that service solves and hopefully get the answers you want. Then look to the data to tell the story.

You could also send a survey to your customers or followers about something topical. The more topical it is it might become more shareable and likeable.The more responses you get the more validity to your data.

2. Dig in and find some really amazing nuggets. Then choose to “tell the story” about what you want people to come away with. (Hopefully there’s something interesting in the pile!)

3. Head on over to the folks at Piktochart, as amazingly easy as we’ll make it to do your email marketing and social media marketing (soon!), they do the same for infographics, plus they’re FREE!

4. Make sure your branding is everywhere on the infographic and that it links to your site.

Your Benefits?

  • Social Media! You’ll get repinned and shared like crazy, IF it’s quality. Pictures prove to just be better at liking and sharing.
  • PR – Writers are starved for articles these days. With the easy-on-the-eyes infographic they can digest the information faster and decide whether to do a bigger article on you or your subject.
  • SEO – Websites and blogs love to post them, just make sure ya get a link back to your site (and try to make the link to your site your keyword…Bonus!)
Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest is NUTS with infographics, they’re so Pinnable!

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