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I got a great email in my inbox from Thrillist last Friday morning that was a nice wrap-up to the week and the month.

Subject Line: “SF: The Coolest Stuff You Missed this Month”

Thrillist Email

The contents of the email as shown to the right were simply a list of excerpts of all of the emails they sent in the month with a caption that included the date of the week they sent it and the subheading.

My guess is that they may have obtained all of the non-responders for these offers and sent them this email.

I thought it was a great way to get their message to the non-viewers just one more time, this time with a catchy subject line.

If you’re emailing your customers weekly, why not try to download a list of those who didn’t open your email and click on links, then put all of your offers (or even the one you emailed) in one email, and see if you can’t get a few more opens, clicks and eventually sales at the end of the month!

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  • Jill Bastian – Training and Education Manager, VerticalResponse

    Hi Viv,
    Great Question! There are two ways to do this. First, if you just want a list from one email you can download the non-responders file from the sent email. Click on the ‘Actions’ next to the sent email and select Create Mailing Lists. From this page uncheck any boxes, select Non-Responders and follow the instructions to create a new list. To create a list of non-responders for more than one sent email use our segmentation tool.
    This tool can create a list of people who did, or didn’t, open or click on links in your sent emails. To get started mouse over Lists in the blue navigation bar and select Segments. Give it a name and then select Segment Campaign Recipients Only. Then Select campaign(s) and pick the data for the list, in this case Did not open and Did not click. Click Save and Get Results and create your new list!

  • Viv


    Great ideas, but how do you
    ‘download a list of those who didn’t open your email and click on links’.
    I can not find that tool in the system.
    Thanks – Viv

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