I’m tired of hearing the question; does anybody buy anything from Facebook? Maybe Facebook Ads work for some, but it’s really the endorsements, the Likes and the comments in the newsfeeds that drive people around the web. It’s simply “engagement.”

True story:

One of my friends Sierra, posts Swizzlegreat pics of her and her husband on the cool trips they take that I’m always interested in, they post fun links that make me laugh, and she just engages me through her Facebook posts on a personal level.

One day she posted a link with a cute pic of a puppy at the local SPCA. Having not had a dog in about 5 years, we were getting close to wanting another one so Swizzle caught my eye.

So I had a few minutes and I bit. I click and it brings me to the SPCA website. I peruse three pages of pups and find the one that grabbed my heart…DWIGHT! Within minutes I wasinstant messaging my husband John with his link. Dwight grabbed his heart in seconds flat too.

We went to meet him a day later and Dwight did one thing: he put his paw on John’s hand and left it there. And that’s all he wrote. Are you kidding me with that mug shot?Dwight

Remember, anything your friends “Like” shows up in their newsfeed so their friends will see it and hopefully follow you or partake in what you have to offer. If you get comments, they rank even higher than a “Like” so you’ll have even a better shot at people seeing your posts. If their friends are anything like them they just might (like I did with Dwight!)

So are you using Facebook to get your word out?

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