VR DomainI’m taking an email marketing break to write about something different, your domains. Many businesses register .org, .biz, .gov, and they may even register their domains in other countries like Great Britain (.co.uk) or Argentina (.com.ar). However, have you thought about registering the misspellings of your domain?

For instance a common misspell happens if you have double letters in your domain where the last letter of the first word and first letter of the next word are the same for example www.verticallearnings.com. People might only type in one “L” so you might want to register the domain with one “L” as well as two and redirect them to your site.

As an exercise to see how many people are doing this for my company VerticalResponse, I headed over to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and typed in “www.verticleresponse.com“. To my surprise I saw there were over 700 visits to this page in a month, a clear opportunity for us to redirect these visitors to our home page. One note: If people type our misspelled domain into a Google search box they will ask people “Did you mean VerticalResponse?” with a link to our listing and list us in the top spot. But what about the people that hear about your business and type your misspelled URL directly into their browser? Those are the visitors you could potentially lose.

So try and think of the ways that people can misspell your domains and use the keyword tool to find out how much traffic in Google, at least, you could be missing out on. If it makes sense, register them and redirect those visitors to your website. It’s a small cost ($10/month) and you could end up with new customers.

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