Post Cyber Monday, we reported about holiday email volume and took a look at just how many emails were being sent and received. At that point, email volumes were setting records but would the trend continue through the holiday season? The Wall Street Journal reported that on average, customers were receiving 38 promotional emails a week. Depending on how many emails you are subscribed to, that number may be significantly higher or lower.

We wanted to explore how email volume has trended so far for December through 12/17. With Green Monday and Free Shipping Day included in this time frame, we were curious to see if significant spikes in email send volumes occurred and if so, when. We took a look at VerticalResponse customer email send data to unlock some answers. From a sheer volume POV, we sent nearly 84K campaigns with nearly 500 million emails on behalf of our customers from 12/1-12/18/2012.


Number of email campaigns sent


Number of emails sent

As you can see from the charts, our users tend to send emails most heavily during the week and the dips are during the weekends. And the heaviest send days for our users were, Dec 4, Dec 13, Dec 18 and Dec 17. With Dec 18th being the biggest send day of the month to date.

Do your holiday email sends follow or buck this pattern? And will you send more or less email through the remainder of the month? Share in the comments.

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