As we go about our day-to-day we routinely carry out business over the Internet. Whether it’s making a purchase, trying out new software, or signing up to attend something like a webinar. When we take part in these activities, we often receive an email that confirms that action we took. Most transactional emails are standard stuff. Straight, to the point and quite frankly, boring with a capital B. That’s why today’s email tip features a transactional email done right.

Enter Steve & Kate’s. Steve and Kate’s is a summer camp for kids that has been in business since 1980. They have locations in California, Illinois and Washington. And, they’ve got personality plus in everything they do from their friendly counselors, to their website copy, right down to – you guessed it – their transactional emails. When a friend recently signed their little rugrat up for a summer of fun they received this transactional email:



How many emails have you received that made you feel this welcome?  Wondering how you can do something similar in your own transactional emails? We’ve got some tips in our recent 6 Email Marketing Tips to Create a Killer Welcome Letter.

So, what changes will you make to take your transactional emails from boring to standout? We’re listening, with 17 sparklers in hand, so share away in the comments

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